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Dual Citizenship coming soon to Malawi

By Amalawi - Fri Jul 15, 4:36 pm

Lilongwe – Malawian President Peter Mutharika has reportedly ordered Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu to draft dual citizenship legislation to allow Malawians who are stuck outside the country to return home and invest.

Mutharika said that the ministry of justice was currently amending the legislation that would allow Malawians to hold dual citizenship, fulfilling a promise made that he would address the matter.

“We are currently drafting the legislation. Very soon we will have the legislation. This will be possible because we want Malawians in diaspora to come to Malawi,” he was quoted as saying.


Most countries in Southern Africa allow dual citizenship and as such have seen a huge number of those in diaspora investing.

Mr Muntharika aand many of his ministers are former  “Diaspora’s” they understand fully the need for dual citizenship hence the push for legislation


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  1. I support the idea Mr President and your team keep it up.

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