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Malawi is definitely NOT a failed state- we are in it together

By Analytical Rose - Sat Dec 20, 3:44 pm

Malawi: Whenever a bad situation arises, sorting it out is always accompanied by some unpleasantness; this can take any form; confusion, more deterioration before recovery, alarmists at work,you name it. I feel Malawi is going through this instability and I feel as a Malawian, that we need as citizens of this country, need to recognize this very important milestone. Such confusion leaves sectors of the citizenry losing trust on each other. This loss of trust reinforces the viscous circle which in turn delays recovery even more.

Malawi is not a failed state

Malawi is not a failed state

What is more productive is an understanding of the challenges; clarity of pathways of dealing with the challenges and then clear methodology which the masses can follow so that the evils are defeated.I have been prompted to write this piece because of what is evolving in Malawi; the present regime whatever you like to think of it is doing what they can to sort out a country which has been mismanaged for decades.This process is not going to happen in 6 months no! the effects of Joyce Banda’s irresponsible devaluations for example will take years to over come and and then if you believe that Bingu delayed the devaluations that adds to to that total.What is not so useful is to irritate the present president so much that he starts getting as angry as Bingu got because all that means is that we are impeding his decision making and we are all losers from that sort of situation. I say this because I read an article in which the president apparently said he does not want to hear “free fwee fwee” about a party he had put up for children at sanjika because this was funded privately and not by the government.Obviously misappropriation of funds is at the center of this which in itself is a very good thing because this needs addressing. However, The language worried me here. A president who is talking like this displays that negative comments about political handouts have got to him.Of course I am well aware that our journalism is not always accurate and it may well be that the president did not use these words but I feel when one senses trouble one must try and get in there. I do recall Bingu getting so angry and he started letting his tongue lose calling citizens chickens etc….I recall thinking “poor man he needs trust worthy people to off load so he does not face the public in so much anger”. Well I hope Peter is not going down the same path.Malawians can be very annoying people and I don’t mind saying so. I am not even a politician but I personally find it very annoying how:

They always like to fault find in someone without considering any good they might be doing!
Annoying how they never give credit where credit is due! Annoying how they are so poorly informed and yet happy to make public defamatory statements!
It never occurs to them that the president is struggling, genuinely struggling with the present situation in the country and suddenly everything has become his fault!
IT seems to me that Malawians think developing a country is the presidents job alone! very annoying!

After a while repeated comments of this type do get annoying. Let’s stop and may be look at a scenario in a family which is going through traumatic difficult problems and all the family members do is point fingers at each other, they do no constructively resolve issues and every one of them just blames the father for everything. In the end either the father will die of stress and I feel confident that we may have had that scenario in
Malawi already or the family will break apart which is in no way a solution to the problem and I feel this is where we are in `Malawi. The language above is beginning to show that Peter is beginning to get frustrated. I am appealing to the whole of Malawi that;

We are in this together, blame game is not the solution. Give the president time and support to do the job he was voted for. You people who keep repeating that the president stole votes I would like to say to you that you have had plenty of time to prove that the votes were stolen and you have not done so.Yes the recent MHRC inquiry has suggested that the vote was not credible, fine the point is we now have a government and we have a country to run.If there is another formula let’s hear it but it’s retrogressive to keep singing the same song. either there is a solution now and voting can be done again this to me is obviously not feasible in a country where people cannot feed themselves! then I feel justified to tell people to shut up and work and make sure that 2019 is better run than this last voting process! While one could have sympathized with the question “was the vote credible” at the beginning in case you were telling the truth I have now come to despise you because all you are doing is causing confusion!. He IS the president! finish! Let by gones be by gones stop undermining him! support him! give him a chance to give this important job a chance. That is not to say do not challenge or question him but be constructive. He could not have stolen the vote because you have failed to prove that so far.If the vote was not credible then may I ask those that are responsible to make sure that in future this does not happen again please.

The country seems to have a lot of striking groups. This is another difficult one. While I understand why people are striking can I just ask these people how a government which is cash strapped supposed to hike their salaries?If you stop service all together wanting more money and the government has not got money who suffers do you think? the ordinary man does!so the question is while Malawi is on life support does it make sense to make demands like these?is this not just making a bad situation worse? I may be wrong and I always like debates about this but the citizen is asking for the impossible here, there simply is no money and the chaos that is prevailing now needs to pass before salary hikes can be realised surely that must be obvious!

To Peter Mutharika I would like say this: When you are the boss you take the knocks. The mark of a successful boss is resilience and consistency. No matter how annoying the comment, no matter how bad the comment you smile through it, you stick to your principles and do not divert until people will suddenly see your point.I cannot imagine the level of frustrations you must have as a president from all sorts of angles, I can imagine how disorientating some of this may be as you rely on so many different people. But keep your wits around you yes be tough but remain tough, never ever get emotional because the minute you allow emotion to come in your decision making is affected.A lot of emotional intelligence is needed in this job from what I see because people are difficult. You are lawyer by profession so I know you are well equipped to practice that. Dont let them read what you feel.

On a final note we all Malawians need to be clear that cleaning up the economic mess in Malawi is not Mutharika’s job only, nor is it the citizens job only it is the job of every single Malawian in the country. The very same way, those of you who are old enough to remember, how we fought federation single handily we need to fight corruption, regionalism, inefficiencies poor systems with oneness for the better existence of all of us. Let’s not allow the enormity of the challenge to continue causing chaos and blame and counter blame because we will not manage it and we will waste a lot of valuable time. Things may well get worse before getting better but as long as we have our direction clear we will get there and when we have got there we will need to guard our freedom very eagerly indeed. If Malawi fails it is not Mutharika who has failed it is Malawians who have failed and I am very sure there is not a single Malawian who wants that.Lets work together.

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  1. kalichiko I fundamentally I dont understyand your comment but it seems you found my article long to that I say I neede to express myself that way to make the point.The second part of your coment is incoprehansible but you are hinting on this being funny and I would like to tell you that I am dead;ly serious! we are in troubl in Mlawi and it pays no divided blaming everybody else instead of looking at yourself and working out how you can contribute to solving the problem..As a Malwian I am not going to let Malawi fail1 I dont want my country to fail! but I know you cant develop a country by squabbling every day!

  2. If wrote the somethıng pleasse try to make ıt  shot but understandable
    Maınly thats enough thınk about somethıng guy always storıes ın your mouth 
    Its funny for you not for pıpo ın the Rular Areas. your Clezy 

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