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APM take stock

By Analytical Rose - Wed Nov 26, 1:22 pm

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Malawi: I  have great respect for the Mutharika government and my hope for APM redirecting Malawi was heavily laid in the hands of this party. While I have not lost faith yet I feel like doing what a good friend does do when they sense that things are going a stray;that is tell is as it looks, honestly what its looking like out here, so far. By “out here” I mean to us who are not in the government and so what we hear is what forms our impressions.

President of Malawi Peter Muntharika

President of Malawi Peter Muntharika

APM as he is fondly called started very well indeed. I valued his tough stance on Cashgate. His very words were ” it does not matter who is involved, government official or not, minister or not as long as you are involved in cashgate you will be sought out and we will apply the law and justice” they may not have been the exact words but I recall thinking great Malawi will reclaim it’s resources and plough it back into the country. That there has been gross mismanagement of money is common knowledge. Just when all this started is not so common knowledge but rumor has it that DPP also had stolen up to 92 billion or is 61 billion the figure keeps changing. I have to admit that I found this harder to believe because there never seemed to be hints of it as it was happening. I am not saying it did not happen what I am saying is that I trust the presidents pledge that, he will find all that robbed the government and deal with them according to the law so I trust he is doing that.After all he was not the president when Bingu was.The Joyce Banda saga however, has been so obvious that even a child would know something was seriously wrong. So I as a Malawian was very encouraged by the declaration the president made. This left me with the feeling that he has ways and means using the legal system to achieve this. he is a lawyer himself so this was music to my ears.

What has prompted me to write this is the fact that now although there are ‘small thieves’ so to speak who have been arrested on cash gate I am beginning to feel a little let down.We know big names that should be going through trials swiftly, like Lutepo, Phwiyo, Kasambara Manondo, to mention a few, who have cases to answer but for one reason or another there are delays. As for Kasambara he is so arrogant not only is he practicing law when he has cases to answer himself? he is so arrogant in his comments displaying insensitivity to the dire effects of all this looting that has gone to the nation! Why are these people allowed to hang around.It feels like we are beginning to lose grip. People like Kasambara, Joyce Banda treat malawians like a dirty carpet which has no value. Such people leave me with the impression that we have no value to them. Joyce went through 2 years of lies right in front of our noses, she did so many illegal thungs and she is still free enjoying herself around the globe while Malawians continue to die. Lawyers like Kasambara are expected to puhold the truth in the judicial system when gthey are obviously integrity is being questioned! This is treating the country with imagined contempt!

Time line

Peter Mutharika you told Joyce Banda when cash gate started that this was an emergency and it should be dealt with as such why does your clean up process linger on sir? if this was an emergency then? so many other peripheral names we have heard being mentioned what is the back log in the Malawi legal system that is toppling this from being solved as it should be?Please tell the nation what is going on because we deserve to know it was our country that was ransacked! What is really annoying is now hearing the obvious wrangle based on the personal strained relationships between Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika coloring Lutepo’s evidence.It is time for Both of you to know that Malawi is bigger than you both we need people to stop dying! we need people to stop suffering!Joyce Banda you are no longer president of Malawi! you lost the elections! if you want to stand again in 2019; do it legally and by now you should have learned to fight a political fight honestly. Stop the dirty politics of mud slinging! you are continuing to destroy Malawi by doing indirect interference in the present Government. Just campaign, have clean policies, sell them to Malawians and they are worthwhile you will win again. You will have to try very hard indeed because your last performance was appalling and you would have to perform a miracle to reverse Malawian thinking about you. Personally I have no idea how involved you are in cash gate. There are questionable things you said and di which make me wonder but it all happened on your watch madam and if that is not robbery it is failure! However if you have to come back in power change and do it properly stop dirty politics!

APM you have the makings of a very good leader but lately I am beginning to get anxious; firstly don’t let Joyce Banda derail you! Deal with Cashgate in a manner that you will be very proud of your findings with no fear. Do not behave like you have anything to hide yourself. Investigate every piece of information you have been given honestly using good methods so you can explain things to the nation like you had started doing. I was very upset to hear that you called a meeting of journalists to a meeting and ended up bribing them! I hope to God this is not a true story, because if it is, you then are on a down ward slope! for starters doing that is doing what Joyce Banda was doing! You surely cannot lower yourself to that level!as you know sir you don’t buy respect you earn it! so I hope they are lying, but if you did this let this be your last time to use money to make a point. Have your policies, I know your policies by heart, because I read them very well before I voted for you! they are good for Malawi people will see the results and your place is secure in 2019 because at the moment there really is no sound opposition at all! just stay on course!We can’t have a very important subject like cashgate get dominated but suggestions and inuendo about which opposition and which political leadership is trying to frame whom! childish!dangerous! time wasting! and infuriating!

People don’t understand what you are doing with UDF. You are very close with UDF at the moment? while I am not saying this is wrong NO!but if you and UDF want to work together that is good for Malawi but let’s get to know what it is you are doing. I certainly like your olive branch stuff but mean it! I like the idea of extending an arm of friendship to past leaders and leaders of the opposition yes good! But Bakili has his own fraud cases to settle for the country! you give the country a very bad impression if you attempt to just push all this under the carpet! Malawians are not that stupid sir! they can see and can remember! they are talking and worrying about this and they beginning to add 1 plus one coming up with 3! can you blame them? Are you amalgamating with UDF? are you bribing journalists? If you start dishing out money now as that habit grows where are you going to get the money from? is this not what leads to cash gate? Are you surprised the donors are reluctant to come back? Demonstrate to the Donors that you are truly in charge and not confused buy this avalanche of high office! stay strong and keep your eyes and ears open! and do not have stupid youthful advisers who cannot even manage their own affairs. How can such people advise you on Government issues?This job is big you need to have good trust worthy strong honest characters around you!

I normally get very positive about DPP and APM. By and large I remain positive but I am beginning to see cracks in the system and I feel saying the truth to you sir Mr. president is more useful that moaning about it all the time, and get nowhere. Personally I don’t want donors to come back to Malawi until Malawians have learned how to be responsible, accountable, self respecting managers of our country. I wonder if you need to urgently talk to your minister of education to emphasis in the education of Malawi the following:

Self respect

We need to start raising a generation which understands that success comes along with strong, honest, hard, work not stealing the very same money that is meant to look after your nation. We need people to learn to manage every aspect of their lives, their money, their time, their jobs, their health. What happened to Malawian values? This is one very concerned , worried Malawian hoping that your excellence will read this with an open mind and digest it.I may be politically naive because I am not a politician but I am a Malawian and by definition I have a right to tell you sir if your performance is going off course; something tells me at this stage that you need to take stock and stick to your original stance.It’s a pity I can’t tell you this face to face because I may be able to contribute better that way but I hope you can use some of it to keep Malawi from toppling. Remain original. STOP POLITICAL HANDOUTS they are damaging to a nation!

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