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Expert Faults DPP Over Leadership Changes

By Amalawi - Sun Oct 12, 8:22 pm

Malawi: Dr. Blessings Chinsinga of Chancellor College has faulted the ruling party DPP over its changes in the party structure, he says the changes are undemocratic.

On Friday this week the ruling democratic progressive party announced major changes to the party’s leadership.

Malawi’s Vice president Saulos Chilima was appointed party advisor.

Undemocratic DPP

Undemocratic DPP

Reacting to the move, Dr Chinsinga said even though the changes might have been made to revamp the party there was need to involve party followers by holding a convention.

“Such kind of restructuring has to be endorsed through a convention. On that basis, one may argue that the changes were not as considerate and undemocratic,” he argued.

Reacting to the sentiments newly appointed party spokesperson Francis Kasaira says the party constitution allows the party National Executive Committee to make such changes when need be.

He said the party’s leadership has done nothing wrong in effecting the changes.

“A convention cannot be done after every few months or year. Minor restructuring may be done by the Party’s executive as it has the mandate,” said Kasayira.

Several positions have been changed in the party.

The Party has among others also appointed Richard Makonde as the New Organizing Secretary, taking over from Chimwemwe Chipungu who is now coordinator for Safe Motherhood.

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  1. this seems an unecessary chnage especially in the case of Dr Kalilani. What is going on? Are some people scared of this powerful quietely assured woman who goes about her business efficiently? She is such an honest contributor to DPPs success I would have expected more support from Mutharika on this. I hope we are not beginning to see the despotism beginning to come out here? Is this democratic? Are DPP voters happy with this? I think we deserve an clear explanation, when you say she should concentrate don her minesterial position did you ask her first? All very unsatisfactory! you keep doing it to this woman! It will back fire one day!

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