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Malawian Opposition needs to be objective

By Analytical Rose - Fri Jun 20, 3:57 pm

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Lilongwe, Malawi: The elections are over. Controversial they might have been in some circles, but I was there when they were happening and I am comfortably sure there was no rigging! that is not to say rigging had not been attempted but unfortunately for the ‘riggers’ it did not go too far!. It was beautiful to drive around different voting centres and witness how orderly Malawians can be. Peacefully queuing, patiently waiting even if they hit problems !it dawned on me that Malawians had gone or were going through a very serious transformation! They have finally began to understand the power  the vote they hold has! However the voting did have problems; in some centres equipment was short, in some centres equipment was late ! but in the centre I voted in myself for example, it was in a village set up, it was superbly organised, for a developing world one could not help feeling proud! I know all the bad news took the headlines but on a personal level I congratulate ALL Malawians for managing through quite difficult circumstances to vote and get themselves heard.

You notice I say ALL Malawians because MEC did not have an easy time of this! but the salient faeture in their performance was the fact that they upheld democracy! They were conversant with the law and they did their best to avoid complete disintegration! There will always be disagreements as to the results of any elections but I have no doubt in my mind that DPP won the election. A brief word as to why perhaps the different parties may have performed the way the did: I simply think at this point in time in Malawi DPP is the best organised, all inclusive party which is beginning to appeal more and more to Malawians as they come to realise that regionalism is poisonous to development! MCP had a golden opportunity which they could not possibly have seen as they campaigned; This party is the longest established in the history of Malawi.  it has policies which have already been shown to work and so they don’t even have to work on convincing people about that. What appears to have happened in this party is that these policies have been allowed to lay on shelves gathering dust while the members are busy fighting in party divisions; I gather uncomfortably that there is a Tembo faction and the public Chakwera factionworking against each other in the party! I would like to say if this is true you better stop it because all it will do is leave you very unstable, and deny you victory.

Opposition Parties in Malawi

Opposition Parties in Malawi

The other very obvious problem with MCP is that it is still a very regionalistic party! One of the biggest changes you need to make  Mr. Chakwera to make MCP a winner is to come up with a way of doing politcs which makes every Malawian feel included. In your party, I mean to begin with!People should follow policies not the leader leading them!you have not succeeded on this yet and that will leave you struggling for ever. DPP has started making strides on spreading itself over the regions.

PP we have written enough on PP, Joyce Banda was basically not effective and was quite frankly destructive and Malawi is better off without her policies for ever. UDF has some very good principles but the influence of the old president is too heavy and Atupele will suffer for this till it changes because Bakilil(Atupele’s Dad, who was also President for Malawi before Bingu) was not such a successful president anyway.

I was driven to write this piece because I am hoping I can get a message to the opposition, i.e. MCP, that they  need to be objective in their opposition. So while the above synopsis helps perhaps to see how 2019 can be tackled more successfully, depending on your point of reference, I have witnessed a few modes of behaviour that have made me feel I need to comment. Things like outragoeus behaviour by Kabwila!it is well known that party atire is not allowed in Parliament and certainly chanting wakuba! wakuba! encouraged by Kabwila towards a DPP member! was way out of line!I was slightly reassured to see thatMr. Chakwera repremanded her for this! More recently she says ” we have no governement but we have a wedding”. While to a limited extent I may share a curiosity as to what is taking so long to appoint a cabinet, I would have expected a Dr. for I am made to believe that she has attained that level of education, would have come up with more obejective debate as to why it is important not to delay the cabinet  appointments; perhaps why the country may be at a disadvantage because of the delay in fact show the country that she is thinking country, not just trying to shine ; she is not going to become an ‘educated Joyce Banda’ opening her mouth either to offend or talk rubbish because it does not help anybody!More intellectual objective thinking and debating please mai Kabwila or you will lose respect very quickly! please do not make people think Malawi is full of controversial

, shallow women because it is not!

To Mr. Chakwera; you may be sore about the election results! I personally do not agree with your disatisfaction but  I understand it because you must have stood to win! What I suggest you do is match the new president’s level of functioning. He from what I have seen wants to   to apply intellectual reasoning to government, hence his meticulous appointment of Technocracts! The small speech he gave his 9 ministers says: he will prosecute anybody even it it is a minister if they are involved in cash gate! he says to the ministers to realise that they need to work for the country not just indulge in self enrichment.The rest is there for all to read. If your opposition then starts funtioning at the personal level as in your comment ” sort out your house first” comment you yourself are going to lose respect! You are intellectual enough to be able to note all these promises and then use them as we develop! I from what I have gathered note that you two( Chakwera and Mutharika) have a lot in common so that makes it easy to be cordial but the minute he does not live by his promise then you give him objective hassle and that way you will build your stature as the opposition!He says he will prosecute ANYBODY whoo is involved in cash gate!’read my lips!’so you are passing an irrelevant comment because cleaning his own house as well as the country is exactly what he is doing!

Its early days yet! you are all finding your feet! I believe Mutharika is simply being very careful who he appoints for which job , which quite frankly is what should happen really because we know what ill informed appointments can cause! we have just got over one such appointment! All I ask is that The Oppositon remains objective, use facts to debate your corner, restrain big mouths like Kabwila because they dont do the party any favours, but if debate is objective in the house of assembly Malawi will benefit! Otherwise we are back to Sq one in which case we might as well have kept Abiti Mtila!ooh! the thought!

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