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Open letter To ex president joyce Banda

By Analytical Rose - Sat Jun 07, 7:05 pm

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Dear Madam,

If I had a chance to meet you, I would have liked to be very candid with you and tell you things as I see them. I know I will never have that chance but I still very strongly feel that you need to read the contents of my letter because these are honest comments on your political performance.

When you first came to power you portrayed a very reassuring picture of a woman, a person who really wanted to uplift Malawi, restructure and move the country forward. My view of The previous President was that while he had brilliant ideas he lacked the style to make himself effective and so I rather counted on the fact that you being a woman you would be more diplomatic and and less ‘self destructive ‘ so to speak to Malawi.I wish I was a fly on the wall throughout the 2 years that you were in power because  you either have a dual personality or you are a fantastic actress. You said all  impressive things and yet did a lot of unimpressive things. For fear that I may sound biased here are some examples of what has left me totally confused.

Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda

One of the most reassuring things you said on day one of your governance was that there would be no revenge, no vengeance you said, the following day you went on the rampage and start sacking all Bingu  related employees from their jobs!You said there would be no regionalism, and yet you started appointing people who were connected to you only!But what still puzzles me you would go out to public and preach this oneness which you were busy dismantling yourself. Is this because you are just a liar? are you confused? what was the process behind this contradictory behavior?

You seem to have quickly mastered the art of deceiving the west: you would say things like how wrong Bingu was for not devaluing, looking how shambolically you handled the devaluation! you surprised everybody by making the announcement in RSA and by the time you got back to Malawi those with the money! and these are not Malawians! had hidden money in ways they know best to help themselves at at a huge disadvantage to malawians!Was this just naivety? what was at work here, did you not use your advisors?Lets take the case of the jet!!!By selling that jet I personally think you have wasted Malawi’s money. You could have turned it into an investment in the country, make money for the country, you could have kept it because the president needs a plane anyway, but the convoluted less than transparent way in which you dealt with that remains puzzling to me; is it lack of wisdom? failure to have vision? or what is the process going on when such bad decisions are being made at such a high level?

Up to this day I have no idea where we stand with Tanzania border dispute? could you  have kept the nation a bit more informed? I have always wondered why is that in your government you always seemed to need to do things yourself? could you not delegate to some of your ministers? I also notice that the majority of your ministers were old ducks with one scandal or other attached to their names why was that? these people had already demonstrated how badly they performed and yet they found themselves in high office in your party people like Mpinganjira? is this because you found it difficult to get descent members?

You prided yourself on freedom of speech and yet your government was happy to imprison little journalists like Mponda for simply expressing what he found on the horizon, what the charge something like he was not being polite to the first family!

I can go on but in all this I see lack of structure! I see lack of team work! I see lack of experience! Decision making appears to have been spontaneous and haphazard! Not only that as the country cried out loud against some of these things you went ahead and made more blunders! You clearly said publicly you knew who killed phwiyo or words to this effect, and yet retracted embarrassingly afterwards! Boy! you are president your mouth must only open after you have thought carefully before you open it!Why did you speak before thinking?

Now the big one! Cashgate!Quite frankly your attitude to Cashgate was just as confusing. While you said you are going to investigate everybody and punish them you also say statements like anyone who received stolen goods is not responsible! How come you protecetd cashgate criminals by giving them confort in statet house while they are prisoners?. Why did cashgate not take off as a case were you expecting it to just dwindle and go away? You see now why people suspect that you must have somethng to do with it?As far as I am concerned you did have something to do with it because you were in charge but the extent of involvement will be uncovered and the world will see for itself! I have often wondered whether this is why to you Peter Mutharika should not have won because you know he will be thorough in his application of the law to cashgate! How can such a large sum of money be allowed to be squandered when people are dying. Your reaction however was “This started a along time ago! “Well a long time ago you were in that government as well and that does not justify it continuing!I am very sore about cashgate and  I want all resources wasted during this time to be brought back to Malawi Government so the depts which were deprived should regain the money.

You seem to have deteriorated as time went on. I dont know whether you felt you needed to defend yourself and by so doing you made more mistakes. You were so afraid of your opponents you were prepared to destroy their lives to push yourself forward! You know you lied about the midnight six! nobody tried to stop you from having power! you had a meeting where it was agreed that you would be given power and from then onwards everybody looked up to you as president but look how long  it took you to let them down? you will for ever feel guilty about that! marching those 6 to prison restraining their passports despite lawyers telling you that you have no case despite Obama indirectly hinting that you had no case you still wished to destroy these people in the end you have destroyed yourself because the truth always prevails!

What fascinates me about you is that you know the right thing because that is what you preach when go on the podium but when it comes to practice you go for the incorrect choice why?I get back to that dual personality again?

To the end of your presidency you made blunders pitifully. How can you nullify elections results? just because the nation let you get away with changing a DPP run government after Bingu’s death to a PP run Government without protest dont think you can just keep clicking your fingers at us!In fact that madam in my opinion was treasonous!you had no right to nullify the results. You go on to make it worse by announcing that you will not stand! Holly heavens! Had you forgotten that you were actually representing a party called PP! so did you not not need to have discussion with them before you made your blunder?What a disastrous president you have been Joyce?

I could go on with this but its so negative it is beginning to make me ill.

Your presidency has actually made women a laughing stock in Malawi. Your presidency has made Malawi a laughing stock in the world.Your presidency has regressed Malawi several decades back!  Wakuda Kamanga your spokesperson says he has learned a bitter lesson because people flocked to your meetings and to him this meant that people were behind you! well people will go to all meetings, political rallies after all it is pass time! they also want to compare! how do they make a choice if they dont familiarise themselves with each party but above all let me tell you why you lost the elections.

1. You Joyce Band are too vengeful, full of revenge, so instead of building the nation you spent time building enemies

2.You Joyce Banda are a liar! you try to impress by lying and people saw through you, eventually even the western world saw through you- presidents are supposed to be ladies and gentlemen of honor madam!

3.You spent too much time trying to stay in power, actually had you just done your job you would have stayed in power very easily- let the works of your hands do the talking!

4.You dismantled Malawi- you helped only your people and exposed the rest of the population to hunger, disease, poverty while you and your people got rich by hook and crook- once a president you are president for all so love even those that you hate!

5.You lost the elections because your campaign methods were poor, handouts are a killer of a nation stop doing it!- Handouts kill a nation so stop doing it!

6.You lost the elections because you and your government irresponsibly stole money for self enrichment instead of looking after that money for the government like you were meant to!- when you take over power its not “your time” like you declared NO! its time for you to guard the office resources vigorously! you got it wrong!

7.There was no rigging in elections! just because you tried different ways of rigging and you were stopped does not mean others wanted to do the same!- You know very well that every rigging techninque you tried was exposed or stopped. Rigging is cheating next time just do the job well will vote for you!

8. I want to tell you that being a woman had nothing to do with your losing, had you done your job you would have won!- I am a woman and I have lots of respect in my job simply because I deliver !

Can you see you need a transformation if PP has to have any chance what so ever of ever standing again on Malawi soil. You are barking up the wrong tree and Malawians have just told you so!In case you failed to notice but the Malawian electorate is much more sophisticated now than ever before and this will continue as people expose themselves more and more and so you old cheating domineering methods ought to be obsolete or you are wasting your time. I have not exhausted all points in this article but I am hoping I have given you at starting point to look at yourself and see where you go from here. Bitter pill I am afraid but that is what it is!

On the whole the job was too big for you as a person, not necessarily as a woman but just a person, you see you need more experience than selling mandasi for a preamble  job like that. If you do not sit down and think of the above extremely honestly and change to become a party that understand s that once you are a president you are a president of a nation! a party that understands what being a stateswoman is! then you better forget the prospect of another chance of ever being involved in Malawi politics in a serious way! Malawians know who you are now madam. This is a very tall order for you!

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