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PP to form Alliance with MCP and UDF

By Amalawi - Tue May 27, 8:07 am

Blantyre, Malawi: The former ruling Peoples Party (PP) is planning to go into an alliance with  United Democratic Front (UDF)  and Malawi Congress party (MCP) following the election shambles currently going on in Malawi.According to sources within the party, PP is is distributing money to MCP and UDF, 50 Million kwacha ($73,000) has already been distributed in the last week.  Some of the money is meant to go to MEC officials. On Sunday night Joyce Banda met with both Muluzi’s and currently a meeting is being organised with Chakwera of MCP. There was no immediate comment from the ruling people’s party.

This will be the biggest political alliance in Malawi’s history and it is aimed to silence the Democratic progressive party (DPP), it’s leader Peter Wa Muntharika is currently leading, the unoffical results put him in front with  with 42% margin.

Malawi is currently in turmoil as the PP is trying to cling to power. Malawi Electoral Commission was supposed to announce election results within 8 days but this has now been posted to 30 days. The commission plans to recount the counts which is against a court judgement issued on Saturday.

Malawi Business are losing out as business has come to a stand still, business do not have the confidence to operate due to the administrative vacuum.

Party alliance

Party alliance


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  1. Koma kumeneko. Zilipo tiziona. 30 days sikAle. Keep wditting inu tiuzeni basi.

  2. Did you see Rev Chakwera’s asset declaration – do you think he can be bought for as little as $73,000? This nation’s future cannot be bought and sold for such little money. I don’t believe your story amalawi!

  3. Any evidence to back up this story? Without proper evidence this story really isn’t helpful as Malawi looks to find the way forward through this difficult time when the election results are still unknown. Please publish real evidence or otherwise keep quiet.

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