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Malawi Election results to be released within 30 days and not 8 days

By Amalawi - Mon May 26, 7:17 pm

Blantyre, Malawi: Malawi Electoral Commission has said that they will not release the results tonight  and will recount the votes as demanded by the various political parties.  Justice Maxon Mbendera said that the whole process will be observed by International observers and monitored by political parties. He has requested for senior political figures to be involved in the monitoring of vote recounting.

When asked when the results will be announced Justice Mbendera said MEC will seek a court conjunction to waiver the 8 day limit on announcing the results. MEC anticipates to complete the process within 30 days.

MEC has received 220 complaints and 170 have been dealt with, results to be announced once all complaints have been dealt with

Justice Mbendera clarified the issue regarding one constituency Machinga north east which had registered high numbers of voters 184,000 compared to the number of registered voters 40,000, he said “This was a simple mathematical error where by district level numbers were submitted instead of the constituency numbers, the residing officer had used a wrong form” The issue has now been resolved.

Asked how he will ensure that recounting will be fair considering that votes are not safe he simply said “MEC will follow the correct protocol”.

Mean while a driver has been cought with a car full of votes in a car that is not safe and secure, this has raised concerned amongst political parties

MEC has announced that they have completed counting 95%  of the votes, counting is ongoing. Recounting will only start once the current counting is complete.

MEC Press Conference

MEC Press Conference

Business has virtually come to a standstill in Malawi as people are glued to the election fever.


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  1. So let US look at this constructively. Are these politicians with us or not? I guess not…….

  2. This is absolutely stupid… We cannot keep waiting 

    Please God help us…

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