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Muntharika very Jovial as results favours DPP

By Amalawi - Thu May 22, 7:42 am

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Blantyre, Malawi: DPP presidential candidate in Malawi’s general election Professor Peter Mutharika who is poised to win has said there will not be room for revenge if he finally makes it to State House.

Speaking at a news conference convened at his house in Blantyre on Wednesday night, Mutharika said he will bury the hatchet and focus on rebuilding the country.

“This country is bigger than individuals. We have a lot of work to do as you all know that this government almost collapsed. So there will be no room targeting people,” said Mutharika sounding as an incoming leader.Mutharika sounded poised to form government, saying he will not do any retribution.

“In fact I would not want anyone to suffer like I and my family did. This tendency that former presidents in the region have to live in fear has to stop. So no one should be scared if I am elected,” said Mutharika.

Asked what kind of cabinet will he have if elected, Mutharika responded by assuring a lean cabinet.

Mutharika to rebuild Malawi

Mutharika to rebuild Malawi


“It will be a maximum of 20 people including deputy ministers. We have to save money. It will also be inclusive including those from the media – you all have a stake in this country,” said Mutharika, who accompanied his special aide Ben Phiri.

Mutharika also downplayed claims by People’s Party that DPP was rigging election with a parallel tally center, saying it was licenced by the Electoral Commission similar to that of other parties, observers and civil society organisations.

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