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High court rejects ex-president application to grant an injunction stopping (MEC) from announcing election results

By Amalawi - Thu May 22, 3:59 pm

Blantyre Malawi: The High court in Blantyre has thrown out the People’s party (PP) application to grant an injunction stopping Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) and Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) from announcing both official and unofficial election results. It was Justice Mike Tembo who threw out PP’s application for injunction. This comes a few hours after MEC dismissed PP for making serious allegations without any backing evidence.

Meanwhile the US State Department has advised Malawi’s leadership to respect the will of Malawians by accepting the results of the poll. This is a diplomatic way of saying please concede defeat.‪

MEC chairman Mr Max Mbendera has rejected and dismissed the call to recount all votes,  Mbendera has  said the current counting system has not been rigged and that all results are being verified by observes before they are announced. He went on to announce that results will be announced with 8 days as required by law.

In their preliminary assessment of the election, European Union  and Commonwealth observers said it had been “peaceful, orderly and transparent”, although there had been “serious shortcomings” in the distribution of election material and “isolated incidents of violence” because of the delays.

Around 7.5 million people were eligible to vote in the fifth elections since the end of one-party rule 20 years ago.

High Court Ruling

High Court Ruling

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  1. You are right i hope and trust that MEC is right. If they follow the rules then precedent is right. From what we have seen so far they have tried their best under the circumstances.

    It is  a hard job and teh organisation was so poor. 
    Lets pray and keep praying.


  2. Note that what you are planting today in Malawi determines the future. If the election has been rigged listen to the those who complain. If you don’t listen to them now this will be a trend in the coming elections. Be careful, Don’t take things merely by rejecting the injunction application.I think the best is to review the constitution

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