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Breaking Election news – Former Cabinet Member lose their Seats

By Amalawi - Wed May 21, 3:28 pm

Blantyre, Malawi:  Unofficial results indicate that the former cabinet member of Joyce Banda have all but one lost their parliamentary seats. Uladi Mussa has retained his Salima South seat. Malawians are currently voting for their president, MP’s and local councilors. The presidential winner will assume the highest post in the land and rule Malawi for 5 years. 

PP Presidential runnigmate Sosten Gwengwe has lost

Kassim Chilupha has lost his Liguluwe for Salima South East

UDF Presidential runningmate Dr. Godfrey Chapola has lost
PP Campaign Diretor Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has lost to Emily Chinthu Phiri (independent) in Nkhatabay South 
Former Vice President Dr. Cassim Chilumpha has lost to Former Justice Minister Fahad Assani 
Former Transport Minister Ulemu Chilapondwa has lost
Former Environment Minister Halima Daudi has lost
Former Defence Minister Ken Kandodo has lost
Former Minister of Good Governance Dr. Chris Daza has lost
Former Deputy Minister of Local Government Godfrey Kamanya
Former Deputy Minister of Gender Agness Chatipwa has lost
Former Deputy Minister of Health Chiku Hiwa has lost
Former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Abele Kayembe has lost

The former ruling party has been humiliated in the current elections, the underrated Peter Auther Munthalika is wining across the country. The race is too tight to call as the MCP candidate Mr Chakwera also pulling in more votes.

MEC Press Conference

MEC Press Conference



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  1. Bakili Muluzi said  that “bwinotu bwino munthu amayi nda bambo kumalemekeza khwerero ” MCP a Gwengwe inakuikani pampando  inu mwati ayi  lero zataninso nanga? Dedza Central ndiya Congress  ok!?


  3. hahaha Mr Gwengwe and the UDF vice.. how can you even lose in your own home turf??

    Malawi My beloved Malawi

  4. Regardless of who wins, these former minsters will not be going back to parliament. Very embarassing indeed. The presidential is something else but for MP ayishhh

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