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Violence in Malawi Politics needs to be stopped

By Analytical Rose - Tue Mar 25, 4:39 pm

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Blantyre, Malawi: I cannot believe it! Two people have died during a political fracas and all Anita Kalinde can concern herself with is that this is an insult to women! I am a woman and yes I agree with empowering women! But empowering women cannot go above people’s lives! Joyce Banda repeatedly says it’s Peter Mutharika’s fault that this happened! The Police have done an inquiry and have shown very clearly the sequence of events and yet Joyce Banda has refuted this evidence! If the sitting president does not respect the findings of the police who else do you expect to respect the police!?

My view of the violence is that it starts because of the antagonistic stance Joyce Banda has always had against Peter Mutharika, so her followers have over the two years learned that anything blue is to be exterminated!Madam President if you are failing to see this I will spell it out for you. You fight personalities instead of fighting policies. As soon as a person threatens you, you start attacking them; I have heard you on a podium making fun of Mutharika’s way of speaking! What a shame because recently I was listening to you on a recording and my friends all said does your president always talk like this? it sounds like she is about to cry! So you see if you fight your war based on how God created you none of you will win and Malawians will have wasted time, precious time!

I have heard you in public go for Dr Kalilani which never stops me being puzzled because a Presiednt a whole president being threatened by a minister! what is wrong. Anyway fellow women I think and constituents of Dowa corrected you on this one! its up to you to see where you stand.

Stop violence

Stop violence

In Thyolo your party used inflammatory language at your rally! this triggered anger in the other group and fracas ensues! In every one of your public speeches all you can say is that Mutharika is to blame for the fracas!

Are you narrow minded or what? two people died at that meeting! These are precious lives. May be you don’t get my point let me put it this way. As a leader, as The president of Malawi, you should be authoritative, publicly condem the fracas, make sure that you tell people that they will not repeat will not kill each other during or indeed after the elctions, take very strong measures against who ever practices violence in these or indeed any other elections. The citizens of Malawi should know how serious you are on this subject and  condem the ACT OF VIOLENCE completely and don’t allow your party to say such careless things like ” this is disrespectful to women!” stupid! people have died you ladies! people have died that is more important than your shallow heads!

My final word on the matter , only as a Malawian who has a right to free speech is this; All of you who are contesting for the presidency should get together and have a law that forbids anybody from start, practicing, condoning and indeed hinting on violence. Joyce Banda you are the president you should lead this, we want peaceful elections in May! What I see is this Peter Mutharika is no saint no! But Joyce you always provoke this man, and MPs on his side that you are scared of, why do you not feel ashamed that they don’t retaliate your embarrasingly negative rhetoric? Start talking policies and stop trying to win by making one party look bad because you can’t compete with them!

People to die because of elections is a waste of lives!

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