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Why so much tension around these elections?

By Analytical Rose - Wed Mar 19, 10:40 am

Lilongwe, Malawi: I read with a heavy heart that we have lost 1 civilian and a police man associated with a political rally in Thyolo and this allegedly being a confrontation between PP and DPP! As if that is not bad eneough we now have the scenario where Ben Phiri has been beaten up by supposedly PP thugs and left for dead,thaks to some good samaritans, such that now he is in ICU at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital! I have tried to understand why there is so much tension around these elections and my personal perception has left me with this answer;

Joyce Banda knows that she has not performed sufficiently well to win the election honestly and what ever she is applying to get votes wears the negative tone that you don’t need when elections are so near in a country like ours. There is a personal thing between her and Peter in as much as she sees Peters brother ( the late Bingu) as the cause of her, what she sees as suffering! so Peter in her eyes is an automatic enemy; and going by the past she deals with people she envies, don’t like, admires, ( Good example of this Dr. Jean Kalilani) by running them down and hating them, Peter on the other hand may feel that what ever negative things Joyce says about his brother are undeserved. Watching Peters behaviour he has lost patience with her total inefficiency! This concortion builds up tension and as the day turns closer to the 20th May, this tension will get ever more infectious because obviously supporters will go along with who they believe in and it won’t take any more than a spark to ignite the whole situation. I am almost certain that these three incidents have something to do with this.

Ballot box

As a human being first I think its all appalling! two lives are gone and one life is on tender hooks all because there is a difference of opinion! for that is all that parties are about ! A difference of opinion on how to run government so that the country benefits most! It does not make sence therefore for anyone to lose their life just because there is a debate about different policies! This is only possible if there is careless behaviour especially by the leaders! Leaders refrain from castigations! Running each other down will only cause anger  and annoyance will translate into violence and wasteful loss or damage of lives. Stick to your policies, tell people why yours is the better way and trust Malawians to vote for the method they like, the manifesto that makes sense to them. With all this killing none of the parties has made clear yet what their manifesto is! yet!I hear Atupele is about to launch his soon, what the other parties should do is launch your manifestos too so that Malawians can digest them and chose. Please trust us, we are not dumb, we will read and see if we agree or disagree, if we want to vote for you or not! To go to a public political rally in the area of one presidential candidate and and start throwing insults on that candidate is inviting trouble! Hold yourself with dignity! hold yourself with pride! preserve Malawi’s respectable place in history! stop emebrassing us and most certainly STOP wasting our youth! the country needs these young men and women and preventable deaths like this are unforgivable!

I want to appeall to all presidential leaders, all of them, to instill it into their members to win by convincing the voter and not by killing, maiming, torturing someone!Malawi is not a country of savages but lately a lot of things have been conducted like we are savages this makes me angry! Educate your members, lecture to them if you have to about how one conducts oneself at elections!Iam very Malawian and I have always said despite its plight at present I am still proud to be Malawian. I am not afraid to say Joyce Banda has failed, She has shown lack of Leadership qualities,lack of integrity, lack of understanding of the diversity of the duties of a president but above all what I will never forgive Joyce Banda for is Cashgate! Personally I have a feeling she is involved centrally in Cashgate, but when I look at the whole Cashgate saga I realise that she cannot not have understood how immensely huge and responsible her job is! she can’t have understood that being a president means that if you put the full stop in the wrong place you will cause the death of some people! it is that sensitive! that responsible! Because of this I strongly feel that she does need to get replaced in May because Malawi has no chance under her very very perhaps the most inefficent government. While I feel very angry for all the unnecessary deaths the wastage of her government, I still wish her a restful time when she goes back to Zomba she did give it a go but what we need for Leadership is something very different, in Malawi. Not fighting just hold talk and be strong enough to take criticism and rejection because that is what it is all about ! killing people is not going to solve problems! so tell me by hurting Ben Phiri will Malawi’s problems be resolved?

Please please aspiring presidents control your members and give Malawi a chance even if you lose!

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  1. I disagree, an outsider can’t possibly lead Malawi, there are leaders right now in Malawi who can lift up the country but this is what I se: these able leaders do not get to the correct jobs.

    The whole mindset in Malawi is wrong, we need to change and realise , and there is no better way of putting thing this; Malawi is ours what ever bad we inflict on the country we are just damaging our own property. A sense of responsibility. The idea that its up to somoen else, the mfumu, the president the older brother the malume to do it should stop and people should srta learning that its up to me its everyones responsibility to develop Malawi. If you dot agree with it find a forum via which to express your views peacefully and know the values of the vote!

    Malawians need to get more responsible! some of the things the leaders say make me cringe! to think they are on a world stage is unbelievable.

    Finally, and for this one I finally understand Kamuzu. EDUCATION. Education gives one information base, so you can handle issue productively; education gives one confidence so nobody takes you for a ride because you have enough nouce to question; education makes you appreciate what things mean, what a budget really means, what a cabinet really is meant for, why a president needs to work with her/his team etc….. education, education, education! Malawi needs this abundance! it will stop people self deceiving themselves!

    we have talented people in Malawi but we need to find how they can be placed in the right jobs at the right time. This entails stopping corruption and seggregation no regionalism so that the best person, notice I say person for I know Joyce is useless but a lot of Malawian women have proved themselves elsewhere! Let the best person win and get the jobs. Malawi is more than capable of getting much further than it is now! There is absolutely no reason why Malawi cant work itself to independent prosperity and respect in the world but the above issues need urgent address

  2. In my Opinion it doesnt matter whether someone has ties to Bingu, JB,Muluzi etc.. as long as we have a capable person with the right skills and above all not a thief. We need someone who really cares about Malawi. So many of these politicians in all teh four parties are takign this as  small retirment job just to get pension.

  3. Malawi will continue to suffer until an outsider comes in and takes over. Clearly we are incapable of ruling our own country without resulting to violence. Both Joyce and Peter are horrible choices. We need someone who doesn’t have ties to Bingu. We need a fresh face.

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