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Is Malawi getting out of trouble after 20.5.14?

By Analytical Rose - Fri Mar 14, 5:29 pm

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I was watching the Runningmate debate and first of all I congratulate Zodiak radio for making the effort to put up such an informative programme on. One can say a lot about the episode but but one has to remember this was the first one and of course there is room for improvement. I could dissect it all from beginning to end but what I think is going to be more useful is to stick to a few immediately useful points.

I felt throghout watching the debate, and I hasten to add that I saw mine on You Tube because I have not go the previlage to be sitting in Bingu conference centre. I felt that the programme was over edited. Edited to the point where some of the gists were lost. In the event of another similar event being hosted in future I would like to suggest Zodiak or who ever does host it to be aware that over editing distorts fact.

One minute was not enough for candidates to actually say what they needed to say. A format like a few salient areas and given about five minutes each would have given a better picture of what the parties are not like than what happened. I will give an example:

If Zodiak had selected 1.Health, 2.Education.3.Agriculture4.Theft in Governmet 5.Poverty. Then give these VP candidates a chance to show what their parties are thinking of doing to come up with solutions in these areas to give people a clearer idea of party ideology. It may have helped. I finished watchng and I still can’t tell you the differences between the parties on the different issues. What Happened on the present pattern was that those who were more experienced were more confident because they could think on their feet more comfortably and the least experienced had to think hard because it was all theory for them. So I agree that MCP’ VP potential came across much more convincing! This Is what made write the article. Remember that a few weeks a go I wrote one in which I feared that Mutharika may have goofed by putting a novice as VP.That this would make MCP gain votes? I have watched this young Chilima

and I can see why Peter thought he was good for inclusion into Higher DPP. It would appear he knows how to sell, sell himself, sell an ideology etc….and yes DPP needs that. He seems bright and certainly motivated so he will drive the party forward. But My argument still remains that you need to have experience to make certain decisions in politics and you can not speed that process up! I still feel Chilima should have been incoporated into economic managment to work closely with Goodall Gondwe and build a very strong economy base for Malawi while meantime this bright guy is getting experience! Jean Kalilani with her integrity, experience would then support decision making and policy implimentation with Peter Mutharika. By the second  term Chilima would be getting near enough ready for  the leadership!

What I feared is what I saw on that debate. MCP comfortable, strategic and full of confidence, DPP tense doing his best but obviously out of depth and yet this is a very bright chap full of potential! had he got the experince he would have paralysed the floor! What then has Mutharika got to do to make sure this does not interpert into unwanted resuls?. You see I am worried that disappointed central region voters will vote Chakwera and so Mutharika then loses the elections! I dont want this because altho his VP is experienced, Chakwera has Chilima’s problem he is still learning what to do!I think for these elections the party that can help Malawi is DPP.So this means Mutharika you have to work like clappers in the central region! campaign like hell and convince people in the central region that this young man will learn and learn quickly. I truly believe he will and I trully believe he will be a very positive addition to the DPP party.

If Joyce Banda gets back in power there will be unrest in Malawi because everybody is so disappointedwith her management skills! JB has no potential for improvement and so as a damage limitation process we need change. If Chakwera gets into power anything can happen but I do think he needs more experience. However, I hope Iam right but if DPP gets into power as long as Mutharika does not change, as long as he works with his good team Malawi will turn round.




Words of warning to you sir Professour Mutharika. No man is an Ireland. Even when you become a president do not think you know it all! No! thats when your knowledge base shrinks! remember that the voters are not chickens whatever their weaknesses are! Remember that you are not ruling malawi but you LEADING Malawi. There is a big difference. People trust you and do not let then down.Groom Chilima, good but dont forget all these people who have supported you all these years because you still need them. Malawi needs chage fast! You have a chnace now to grab that and turn the country round.

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