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Boring Politicians

By Amalawi - Tue Feb 25, 11:00 pm

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Malawi:  May 20th 2014 will see 11 presidential candidates vying for the highest and most luxurious post in the land.  All contenders, Joyce banda, Peter Muntharika, Atupele Muluzi and Lazarus Chakwela are greedy and detached from the rest of Malawi. They live in cuckland just like Mr Yanukovych’s the president of Ukraine or the former president.

Our 11 Presidential candidates lack charisma and warmth, they seem not to be human enough to be our leaders. Some are good orators while others do not have basic understanding of grammar in either English or Chichewa .

I have followed all the rallies over the weekend and it is very clear that all candidates are not saying anything new. They are all busy distributing 500 kwacha’s to Malawians.They are all using the same tactics of ferrying supporters around. All 11 candidates do not have or have not explained their policies, we still do not know know how they will implement the much needed change in our civil service. We need a solution or solutions to poor healthcare, poor education, poor farming methods, looting of public properties and funds, lack of coherent structure to translate knowledge into practical result oriented programmes, thieving politicians and civil servants, dwindling ethical culture, stealing prophets and prophetesses misleading Malawians and reaping them their hard earned money by promising false salvation.

Boring politicians

They are so detached some of them will be telling people that there is no maize in Admarc at a rally when a stone throw away maize vendors are angry that over supplied Admarc maize has killed their businesses. Yes maize now is selling at K5000 it never hit the desired and prophecised K15,000.00.

Our leaders don’t interact or pretend to listen to the voters, they come to podiums and preach to the voters, they distribute 500 kwacha’s and thint that will win them votes. Distributing of money and items should be banned, the constitution should be amended and so that politicians stop fooling poor Malawians with cash. This has been done in Kenya and we should copy from that.

I dont not want to incite violence nor encourage demonstrations but Malawians from all walks should learn from Ukraine, people power in Ukraine has ousted the president, why can we not do that? We should act together and speak with one word. We should brink the current president and all 11 candidates to task

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