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Cashgate Audit Report by Baker Tilly

By Amalawi - Sun Feb 23, 3:08 pm

Blantyre, Malawi: The full forensic Cash-gate Audit report is now out and available exclusively here at amalawi.info , read and make your own conclusions. The report is being hidden from the general public in Malawi however here at amalawi.info we have managed to find the report and published it.

Baker Tilly the London-based accountancy firm produced the report on behalf of the Malawi government.



Cashgate report


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  1. This report is nothing short of a scam, no names named, no information given, we don’t even know what happened between April 2012 and now. Some people are even claiming cashgate is continuing… this government has a lot to answer for. And they think #Malawians will buy that? Then comes the jet, where did the money go? Where is the evidence? #Malawians don’t let this go under the carpet.

  2. Mfiti yayikazi sikhululuka ikayika chiganizo. Tikachita masewela titha basi koma Chakwerayo. Tawona zinazi ndizokhazokha. Nanga tayiwala kale kodi?

  3. The People of Malawi, learn from us in Zim, you can talk the talk but if you don’t walk the walk nothing will happen. This report was done by the British, the same British are funding Joyce Banda, what do do you expect?.

  4. I think this song is slowly fading without giving the listener the meaning.
    Just let it rain.

  5. It is taking forever to download……….

  6. Palibe chichitike apa inu.. JB is working with the devals from the West, they are in this together!!! As Malawi lets just hope Chakwela wins pa 20 pano basi.. Busa uyu kapena sadzaba!! Ena onse ndi mbava zoyipa!!

  7. Let it rain! I am from Zomba

  8. No companies or names have been mentione?? This is silly AND STUPID. WEE NEED COMPNAIES AND BIG FISHES TO BE NAMED HERE

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