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Donors concerned with slow progress in Malawi

By Amalawi - Wed Feb 19, 11:08 am

Blantyre, Malawi: The European Union Head of Delegation to Malawi Alexander Baum has expressed concern over the slow progress of various developmental projects in Malawi.  Mr Baum has said that there little and very slow progress despite the overwhelming support from the European union and other developmental partners.

Baum made the observation when he opened a National Initiative for Civic Education’s (NICE) planning and training workshop in Blantyre yesterday.

Mr Baum was quoted as saying  “Everyone focuses on elections as if they solve all the problems. Elections are overestimated. Of course, Malawians will get the leaders they deserve, but the fact remains that the multiparty democracy has not delivered. The parties are a reflection of the values, sentiments and behavior of the people. Politicians behave according to the expectations. It is paramount to change the behavior from the grassroots level, otherwise the multiparty democracy will not deliver for the people” .

Alexander Baum EU Ambassor to Malawi

Alexander Baum EU Ambassor to Malawi

The European delegate challenged NICE leadership to concentrate on its core values of building democracy from the grassroots, he emphasized that values and traditions should be challenged. Malawians should be educated and properly trained. He indicated that civic education is the key to development in Malawi.

Since becoming a democracy in 1994 Malawi education system has deteriorated,  the first multiparty government revised the primary school syllabus and removed civic education, during the dictatorship period of Hastings Kamuzu Banda who ruled Malawi for 30 years, civic education was mandatory

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  1. This article is so true it hurts! we need to look at ourselves folks! more of the same is not going to improve our lives! a complete chnage of mindset is vital here! politics is not the road to personal propserity! but rather politics can allow hard working citizens in the country develop thier lives to prosperity!

    You wont be rich being a n honest minster but youcan get rich doing business within a country whose infra sturcture is organised and supportive! wake up Malawi!

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