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Mutharika may well have Goofed!

By Analytical Rose - Wed Feb 12, 11:43 am

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Malawi: I know that chosing the running mate is the prerogative of the presidential candidtae of each party. I also want to remind you that very recently Peter Mutharika announced that he was consulting very carefully and widely so that he picks a runningmate who is principled, who can run the party when he is away.Also recently I read that Sauolos Chilima said that he has no connection with DPP, he went as far as saying this was jopardising the relationship Airtel had with the different parties.I feel like I need to pause to let you digests this collection of facts. I write this because I was very surprised with the choice that Mutharika has made for a running mate!He has people in his party who have been there when the going was tough! Jean Kalilani! People who have experience and capacity-Goodall Gondwe!people who have done it all and so know what its all about- Ntaba. Why on earth did Mutharika go for Chilima who is politically unknown?

All I have managed to gather about the young man is that he went to Chancellor College, and that he was until today managing Director of Airtel and was successful, and people who know him say he has or at least while at chanco he was a womaniser! we heard this of Chakwera when he started. Having denied recently that he was not connected to DPP how does he then agin his entrance to the VP?

My biggest worry is that he is young and inexperienced. Already he has frightedned me by saying ” I have never made a wrong decision” Wauh! how young that sounds!I sincerely hope in politics he will continue to make good political decisions!




My favourite candidate for the runningmate for DPP was Dr. Jean Kalilani simply because she is so fiercely loyal! so devoted to the pricnciples of the DPP! has stood by Peter Muthariks through thick and thin! Jean Kalilani is exposed! she still has contacts in different parts of the world because of her preuvious engagements and this would have opened doors when needed! Jean Kalilani is trust worthy! she has never been involved in any scandal like the rest of the ministers! She genuinely just wants to develop Malawi. Why would a young inexperienced new comer be a better choice than her? I would have understood if perhaps Goodall Gondwe may have taken the position! Not that I think he would have been the best choice no I think the best choice would have been Kalilani but Chilima a complete unknown?

I have a feeling Mutharika has underestimated how much Jean Kalilani is loved by the grassroots in the Central region! He has no idea how desperate MCP has been to get Jean into MCP! My biggest fear is that he may just made his party lose the election! I hope I am wrong but what I see happening is that all the central region voters who were going to vote DPP will now vote for Chakwera, because Chilima has to make his mark first.It said somehwere that he will appeal to the youth yes he will but not in this hasty manner.!I think Jea Kalilani has given DPP a lot! People have been watching and I know there are a lot unhappy people that she did not get the VP. It is my hope that Peter Mutharika did not shoot himself in the foot by choosing a new comer to the party. It begs the question ;is this, who up to now we have seen as being different from his brother in fact exactly the same as Bingu, stubborn, narrow in his approach and does not really listen to popular demand? If that is the case we are going from the frying pan into the fire! Malawians be careful.

Earlier I wrote an article where I was worried about Lazarus’s inexperience; lets suppose something happened to Mutharika while in office, guess who would have to finish the term ? Chilima who until yesterday denied having anything to do with politics! I sure hope he is a quick learner or Malawi is heading for more problems!

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