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No treatment for kidney patients in Malawi

By Amalawi - Sat Feb 01, 11:32 am

Blantyre, Malawi: QUEEN Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre is working without dialysis machines for over a month due to failure of the existing equipment.

Lack of working dialysis machines at QECH is putting pressure a t Kamuzu Central Hospital which is the only government hospital with dialysis machines in operation.

T he computer controlled dialysis machine is one of the most important equipment in the treatment of chronic renal patients and all those with kidney problems.

Ministry o f Health (MoH) Spokesperson Henry Chimbali acknowledged that dialysis machines at QECH broke down early this month.

“The reports we received indicate that out of the four dialysis machines, only one is working and this machine is reserved for people with other infections like hepatitis B meaning that out of the 16 patients, 12 of them will be getting the dialysis services at KCH,” Chimbali said.

Dialysis Machine

Dialysis Machine

He said four patients will also be getting services from Mwaiwathu Private Hospital on rotational basis and that after a month; the four will then be going to KCH exchanging with the other four who were admitted at KCH.

He said the dialysis machines at QECH have lived their lifespan. “You may wish to know that these types of machines at QECH are no longer being manufactured and it is very difficult and expensive to maintain them,” Chimbali added.

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  1. a very small amount of the mountains of money ruined during cashgate would have easily mended or indeed bought another or several machines for these poor patients who will now die of Kidney Failure! I will find it very difficult to forgive the callous carelessness of the PP government! Never!

  2. Education is key indeed but the government should also stop squandering money. They have money but they spend it on cashgate.. They have a lot of money but yet they share it amongst themselves. The current government and yes indeed the previous governments have also spent too much money.

  3. Were readers aware that most dialysis could be prevented? I published how in 2002. The treatment needs to be started about 4 years before it’s time for dialysis, when a person still has about half of their kidney function left. So public education is key.

    1. May be we need to publicise this again how does one get in touch with you. I am thinking in a country like Malawi where renal failure is too late in essence because of the lack of equipment, would it not be better yo put emphasis and more investiment on prevention. Dr Please give me your e-mail let me establish your guidelines and let me see if I can get interested people in Malawi to start listening

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