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Handouts in Politics

By Analytical Rose - Sat Feb 01, 1:34 am

Malawi, Lilongwe: My definition of a hand out in this context,is when a gift is given ‘wrapped’ up in political connotations.The sort of stuff we used to see when past president Bakili Muluzi would dish out money to people at meetings; or the apparently full time occupation we see  of Joyce Banda, the present Malawi president do these days with maize, blankets, flat TV screens to prisoners, etc. Joyce Banda is not the only culprit in this I dare say this is something that became prominent with Bakili Muluzi and all parties in Malawi seem to think they have to give followers memorabilia, money to keep them interested.

As a Malawian I CALL FOR THIS PRACTICE TO STOP! Legislation should be debated and formulated to make sure that this sort of hand out is stopped. I have nothing against the sort of gift a company or rich person might decide to do for an organisation he/she supports but let me hastily add here that even this actually usually means the donor gets special favours from that regime e.g. gets contracts in preference etc.. I would like to ask the next government not only to stop handouts but to go into schools and teach our personable impressionable little ones why handouts are so dangerous.Let me make my case. I recall as a youngster my parents teaching me how to make it in life, my mother went on about a human being should manage their time efficiently, a human being should work hard for their survival for this was their duty. She went further to tell me that each one of us has a duty towards each other because we survive by working hard and supporting each other. There was nothing in there about totally depending on each other. The concept I got was that we all did what we could to contribute to this continuation of mutual existence in the world, called life!



It therefore occurs to me that if you continue to give, and if you continue to receive, a kind master/subservient relationship develops and I feel, very strongly indeed that this kills a country! yes Malawi is slowly being killed by politics of handouts! When I need something I usually try my best to work and find the money  to buy it; my parents felt the duty to make sure I had good education so I am able to do that. If I keep getting handouts, first of all I can only have whatever I am given so I can’t complain about standards, frequency of availability etc, secondly I then do not try hard enough, or worse still this whole act starts convincing me that there are those who are superior to me (politicians, Donors etc…) who have more and they are the ones who will spare what ever they can for me! look what has happened

1. The whole business of choice has been taken out of hands! I only get it when they want to give and the amount they want to give

2.My self belief in what I can do or achieve has been killed because with repetition of this system I start believing I am no good, they are more superior to me! and this mind set is so difficult to get rid of and it promotes irresponsibility!

3. More dangerously the person, the body, the organisation doing the giving is putting itself in a control position and such things as controlling your lives, the quality of your lives, your country, all get out of your hands to the the so called superiors and this is the stage where I start asking what was the point of getting rid of federation as Kamuzu used to call it all about then? Colonialism is over and Now we have Handouts causing even more damage than ever and this country needs to get rid of it very urgently and very effectively.

every Malawian should be left with their self respect to produce for their lives. The government should play the role of making this possible, the government should play the role of making opportunities for all it’s citizens and everybody should have the chance to develop to  the extent they want and live the life they think is fit for them. Do not get me wrong, there are those who can’t, because they are sick because they are lame because they are mentally subnormal, the government should have policies for supporting these people to the extent that  they need no more!


So politics of hand outs is extremely dangerous and is now part of the culture of the parties but that must stop. Any money a president wants to give to a meeting get some drugs ad give it to their hospital! buy some books and give it to their state school! etc! NO HANDOUTS WE ARE MALAWIANS> DO NOT TURN US INTO DEPENDENT CABBAGES!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous, thank you, I move that these Africans have to start to change! we are not inactive dependent cabbages we are able, intelligent people and we need to start fighting against these very very dangeorus handouts! Loud and clear! they deamean our people! they are killing our country and they must stop!

    I apeall to the next Malawi president please to find a way of stopping handouts! peoples mind set must be reveresed to a proud Malawian who wakes up in the morning and says to himself/herself what am I going to do to produce for myself today! No begging!

  2. I love this, not sure any politician will give up though. they win because o handouts, they love power, they love to be followed, they love looking down on people.

    These are Africans!!!

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