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Politicians changing parties in Malawi

By Analytical Rose - Mon Jan 27, 10:37 pm

Lilongwe, Malawi: One recent resignation in Malawi, is that of Transport minister Sadik Mia who has resigned as a minister, resigned as vice president of central region PP and resigned as member of PP. This in itself implies that what ever made him resign is something major because not only has he left the job he has left the party. When I remember though that this same man was attending meetings immediately after the late Bingu’s death and suddenly, without notice, went over to PP and changed colours suddenly; the more I re- watch his speeches; the more I wonder if he is indeed an opportunist as someone has recently called him.No matter how much he tries to make this a grandiose event, he simply has paid money, according to some newspapers to be taken to a higher level in MCP! I however gave him the benefit of my doubt because

I have heard on the grape vine that Joyce Banda is not very gentle with his ministers or indeed anybody who works for her. I therefore think well Sadik Mia has lasted all this time? I know that Sadik or I have heard that he is actually wealthy and so I, hopefully not mistakenly, think he is not under the illusion that politics in Malawi is where he is going to build his fortune. In saying that if you hit it to great heights you can build your fortune in politics; I heard that as soon as it looked like Obama was to become president his books started selling like hot cakes; I heard that Margaret Thatcher, after her reign would be asked to give a talk at £1,000 per hour.So in some ways you can make money in politics but it seems you have to have some money to begin with. If there fore Sadik Mia is not looking for riches in the corridors of Nsanjika there must be something else! he could just want to serve, well in that case he can serve without changing parties like he does his shirts! so I then think is there a position he is aiming for? well he behaves powerful, he carry’s himself like he is big, and he reminds me of Phoya in many ways ; I just wonder if these two men are after the presidency?

Party changing politicians in Malawi

Party changing politicians in Malawi

Is it wrong to go for the big office? no! that in fact is what we need; ambitious people who are prepared to work hard and keep the country going but the worry about recent aspirants is the fact that they seem to try all things big and small, jump form one party to other with no shame, pay for their way to get a position. What prompted me to write this peice is the fact that I have read that Chakwera(MCP Lead candidate) is intending to make Mia running mate!This is bad enough as far as I am concerned because MCP has a lot of people who are good enough material for this job!people who have faithfully served MCP for long periods of time who know the workings of the party that can be considered for this position and yet, no matter how big you might think of Sadik, he is a drop out twice over! Why go for the unstable  Mia character for a job as big as that? The only answer has to be that Sadik has manipulated himself to as close to the presidency as he can because that is what he is after.The second problem I have with this is that fact that apparently, Maravi post had an article which says 10 million Malawi kwacha has paved Mia joining MCP! Well! I actually quite liked MCP, but if Chakwera is beginning to use money to get who he wants I am out of here! that cannot go towards dependable government, it can only mean opportunism and if its not cashgate something else is going to happen but it cant be useful to Malawians. It will be useful to the politicians involved.This has reduced Chakweras standing somehow in my eyes and left me rather worried.Malawi will never get better until the politicians holding high office are there purely to serve the country.People who buy their positions are there for another reason and usually its to promote themselves!

When the late Bingu was electing a running mate, I have it on good authority that he wanted to have Jean Kalilani. Then Joyce Banda came to him and asked to be running mate , for all sorts of reasons that she thought would convince the president, I must say after seeing the lady in action I can easily imagine how that could have been achieved. Then Bingu changed his mind and the rest is history. So while I appreciate ambition and drive, I question it when people have to use corrupt ways of getting there.


My comment on ministers who move around in Malawi is that you really are causing confusion because if you have principles about your personal beliefs how can you just change over night in particular simply because the president has died like Mia did?People form different parties because they look at solving the same problems in a different way! if you believe in yourself you surely can’t just change over night!

I really need to recommend very strongly, I feel I can do this because I am Malawian, that current and future politicians must! must! look at their members and try to match the job with the person who appears to genuinely  to want to help and develop the country. The cabinet cannot solve its poverty through parliament but the cabinet CAN solve the country’s poverty through Parliament, through sound policies, through integrity, through transparency, through dependability. You notice that correct politics is inclusive! doing good for all, not grabbing as much for me no matter how sweetly you put it. Chakwera,be careful about Sadik, he changes like the weather and runningmate is a big job in case you win the elections. If Sadik has changed his policies and he feels he agrees more with MCP of course he has the freedom to change but the big question is why did he  have to pay for this?I thought we were fighting corruption is this how we fight corruption? can you really hop from party to party if you have strongly held views? This trend needs to be questioned loudly? either the politcian does not know what they stand for or they are lyuing to voters, they simply want the benefits of high office and I am afraid when ministers and mebers change so easily like that I cant help thinking they are selfish lying politicians! Just think Bingu dies and within days, Days! Sadik Mia changed from DPP to PP! Phenomenon! I am not convinced that this is what Malawi needs no!

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