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Joyce Banda’s Special Gift

By Analytical Rose - Tue Dec 17, 11:05 am

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I finished watching the speech Joyce Banda gave at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and suddenly realized that she sure is not what I call a great president in fact I think she is an appalling president but she knows how to manipulate situations to strengthen her cause! She was talking about The late Nelson Mandela’s enormous ability to forgive and forget and work with those people who were his enemies for the sake of his country. She then compared herself in this saying that after several years of isolation and main handling by her government in Malawi, she got the opportunity to become president and some people were attempting to stop her from taking over government, she forgave them and started “working with them comfortably!”

Vintage Mrs Banda! First fo all she knows in the depth of her heart that nobody actually tried to stop her from becoming president. What happened was that people were questioning the legality of accepting a VP who after being elected had formed parallel structures. At that point this woman belonged to DPP as well as PP and was VP for Malawi.The logistics of this were not in the constitution and so people wanted to know so that they would do the right thing. In questioning this she has taken it as stopping her from becoming President. I gather in fact that a meeting was then held where by it was agreed generally that under the circumstances it would be allowed that she take over the job and that is when she was sworn in.

Knowing that she was on the world stage at Mandela’s funeral, she decided to use this to tell the world that she had been abused and an attempt was made to stop her from becoming president.Not only that she goes further to say Nelson Mandela inspired her to such an extent that she forgave those people and she now works with them comfortably! I admire this woman’s courage in misrepresenting the truth!in reality what she did was the exact opposite She did the exact opposite. She told people that there would be no recriminations and no revenge but as soon as she  got to work she sacked everybody who had the slightest to do with Bingu wa Mutharika and replaced them by her people. She is at present wasting government resources trying to get a trial of the so called Midnight Six and has got the country believing that  these people committed treason! Where is the inspiration she is supposed to have got from Madiba?

This is opportunist of the most sophisticated level!Misrepresenting the truth with no shame what so ever! This can be so dangerously misleading!

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