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The Malawi President is very good at misleading hisotry- let’s not allow it

By Analytical Rose - Tue Dec 03, 11:24 pm

Malawi: When I first listened to our newly sworn in presdient Mrs Joyce Banda I was very excited because she seemed to press all the right buttons:She said ” No revenge, no retributions” I thought great we will concentrate on developing Malawi, ” lets work together” oh good I thought she is going to be inclusive!  no tribalism or regionalism etc…. good for Malawi, thought good that will give Malawi a chance to move on instead of wasting time fighting each other. “If I go wrong tell me don’t be afraid”- fantastic I thought a broad minded leader!. We all need to work togther so tha in five years Malawi will be different, I want the children to be sitting in front of computers…..”I dream in colour “and all that jazz she ‘shilled’ at the beginning it got to me and I thought at last we are on the way to development. Until she started working and then quickly I realized that her rhetoric is a camouflage to fool her listeners but when she operates she is a different person all together. The no revenge strategy suddenly became total revenge lets sack everybody who worked with Bingu. The lets work together stuff became if you are somehow related to me ; son, daughter, sister, marriage relation friend, same region I will give you a job in preference! All this was done with a straight face! as recent news will have it our government is having to pay for some of the unfair dismissals of that time! money which we can ill afford!

Government misleading the public

Government misleading the public

Why am I bothering with this? the reason is that I listen to her and she continues with this pattern. She is for example continuing to tell everybody that she will arrest anybody who is involved in Cashgate whether that person is a son, a daughter a relative etc…..but although some people who were close to her like Kasambara have been arrested, Lutepo have been arrested, there are still a lot of people whose names are close to her who are still walking around. The investigations are taking such a long time to get to them such that if there was any evidence it will have been modified if not gotten rid of.Because of the incongruence as demonstrated above I find it difficult to believe that she will arrest everybody who ever they are because she has already shown that she treats those close to her with preference.

While she is good at telling you the opposite of what she intends to do she is also very clever at turning things around so they get recorded in history incorrectly. For example she is putting her formidable opposition, DPP, through court on the basis that they committed treason. She knows very well they did not commit treason; she knows she caused most of the confusion on the death of  Bingu; and yet she, is for purposes of political gains happy to tell the world that this group of people who were only posing a legitimate question; a question by the way which Bingu himself was consulting with lawyers as to how to best deal with Joyce’s situation! while he was alive and was about to get the answer just before he died! so they can do the right thing. I have it on authority that a meeting was held with her and an agreement was then arrived at that she would take over and from then onwards everybody respected her as the president! yet she is bent on convincing everybody that these people who were in government themselves were committing treason! This is misleading history. I just hope that someone who was close to the events, at the time, will give an accurate account of what really happened before this generation is wiped off the face of the earth.

I can see another misrepresentation developing. She repeatedly says that she has uncovered corruption in Malawi. I was in Malawi recently and this is what I collected. Apparently there was a house worker who found a key while cleaning the house. On picking up the key, she did not recognize it but she did recall that there is a room in the house which she has never accessed so she tried the key on this room which opened it. On opening the door she was astounded to see so much money in the room and she stole some of it and took it to another town( I think they said to Blantyre) to her daughter for storage. the daughter lived with her brother who never worked but found the money, he stole some of it and bought a car. On seeing the car people who know the boy were surprised and eventually the police got involved and the whole thing was traced back to the house with loads of money which was found to have been stolen from fraudulent dealings at work. At the same time a newly appointed Director of finance was shot three times in are 43 of Lilongwe (a town in Malawi, plush), and his life was saved and he lives up to now. Although investigations are underway, it is apparently true that this is to do with money laundering and the deal was misrepresented by This shot guy ( Mr. Mphwiyo). So from these two events a cascade of revelations have come out and are still coming out demonstrating gross misconduct of supposed to be responsible people in the government who have been paid large sums of money for work said to have been done by them but not at all demonstrable.

Therefore to repeatedly tell the world that she is uncovering corruption is not right, events led to the bursting of this ‘bubble’ and what she needs to do is deal with it, address it, but even that is not happening satisfactorily,there are so many issues buzzing around herself, for example when Mphwiyo was shot she publicly came out and said she knew who shot him! then afterwards denied this!The sad thing is that it is on record, they don’t just produce it so they don’t embarrass her! she denied seeing Mphwiyo in hospital  in South Africa but people close to her say she saw him 3 times while in hospital! why alll this suspicious behaviour? I read recently that 11 of the PP buses are registered to Joyce Banda! what does this mean? that she has given these buses since when did she have this amount of money to give? Watching her talk on Al-Jazeera tonight was impressive but going by history I know this is rhetoric and no more and so as a citizen of Malawi I can’t be assured by her talk, worse still she wants to mislead by telling people half truths to clean her own image. No events, that unfolded to expose the deep routed corruption especially, in Dr. Joyce Banda’s government were exposed  by herself! NO that is not the case!. That is not correct.Events happened and the wole extent of the Cashgate then started unrolling! That is what happened.

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  1. well written, ife 2014 basi

  2. The Al jazeera interview was just useless.

    You could see that she has been trained by the bollinger or pollinger guy….I just hope the people will see through her eyes and get rid of her quickly… Lets wait for 2014, sikale ayi……..Adyelatu basi.. waku Zomba Biti Nmchila uyu..

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