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Search warrant for serving ministers issued by police

By Amalawi - Sun Dec 01, 12:15 pm

Malawi,Lilongwe: Malawi police in Lilongwe have issued search warrants on some  prominent members of the current government.  In addition,the Fiscal Police has given commercial banks in Malawi a period of 3 days to deliver bank statements of these politicians who are being are investigated for corruption and fraud related to cashgate.

Amalawi has seen the fulli list but we cannot publish due to security reasons.

search warrant

search warrant

Malawi is currently experienceing huge economic problems as donors have threatened  to stop aid. Politicias and civil servants have been involved in plundering governmnet resources. Millions of US dollars have disappeared underr the watch of the current PP government led by Joyce Banda. Senior politicians including serving ministers have been implicated, they have been raising money to finance their political campaign.

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  1. its coming homee

    atela ndi mayi wawoyo..

  2. I hope they manage to arrest them and recover the public funds wasted by these people

  3. ” … police in Lilongwe have issued search warrants … ”

    1. Looks like what I posted has been censored. Either delete the comment OR let me note that it is the judiciary which issues search warrants and not the police.

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