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Malawi: With a sore heart I write this down to share it with you my fellow Malawians. Malawi has truly gone through some very traumatic things over the last 50 years  since we became Independent. Of all the times I have felt aggrieved about my country this is the worst time! I feel sad! I feel Angry! I feel extremely disappointed ! with the looting that appears to have gone on at Capital hill. I was in Malawi lately and I was most disappointed to see how the attitude of ‘a quick buck’ seems to be catching on without any thinking. At first I thought this is to do with poverty. I thought people are desperate and they don’t know where to turn. As I traveled around the country I was surprised that there are some beautiful structures that have been erected, mostly privately owned houses and yet the story was still that there was no beds in hospitals;, schools were cash strapped; roads were beginning to wear off again; etc the list gets longer the more you explore. I could not understand how it seems individuals can afford houses which were obviously beyond their incomes! while public services were as poor as I had seen them when a year ago I was in Malawi. I now have the answer what has happened is that money which was meant to go to public services has gone into private pockets. People who have been trusted to look after these funds have  in fact let the country down! What is shocking is the extent of it all!It is almost like nobody up on Capital hill feels a responsibility towards the development of the country! How can you not have guilt? How can you not have a sense of responsibility? How come this problem has become so rampant under Joyce Banda? We need to understand the cause of this most embarrassing deplorable state of affairs so we can deal with it for good!

The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

I have no doubt in my mind that in the past SOME policy makers may to some extent have misappropriated public funds and I want to condemn that straight away and say that I wish they were found out and arrested. However, there are things that flash my mind which make me think perhaps it’s the type of leadership as well that has let these people who are already inclined to mishandle their duties, may be this has made them  think they can get away with it.

Firstly I note with disappointment how JB’s government was appointed. Most of it was based on loyalty, or whether the person came from the same region as herself, or whether that person was a relative of hers. This was wrong and remains wrong because if any job is going to be done properly you need to employ those that qualify to do the job well. Joyce Banda got rid of very good people from DPP when she dismantled that cabinet. She had a chance to choose and pick but she sacked everybody who worked with Bingu wa Mutharika without logic! recalled every ambassador even if they were excelling in their job! This meant that key positions were occupied by mediocre personnel who may not have had the same level of commitment as those she was getting rid of.

Secondly , I have a lot of reservations about how she has conducted herself in this post. We hear a lot about how she has amassed wealth! she constantly refuses to declare her assets fuelling the fire of doubt even more, because if you have nothing to hide you don’t worry you just tell people what you have and let them make up their minds.Her party has suddenly accumulated vehicles and I hear that in being questioned she says all these came from we ll wishers well she in the past has found it difficult to accept that explanation and why are we now supposed to accept it from her? People commented on how her school was struggling in the southern region and suddenly this school has been revamped to good standards! where did the money come from suddenly! To seal it all she says she started business since she was 21 years old and so money has not been aproblem for her! Well,Well, Well, history has it that she may have been a Mandasi woman at that age, was she living comfortably on Mandasi then?but more serious than that when she was talking about “austerity measures” was she meaning that as applied to Malawians not really herself as money has never been a problem for her? so what was the point of reducing her own salary to fool the rest of the country? she said in Parliament no retributions no revenge as soon as she left parliament she went onto a rampage of revenge! sucking every one who had the slightest to do with Bingu! The presidency is not a personal arena for fulfilling personal vendetta! but this lady does not seem to realise this!

Thirdly I am afraid I think our president is a very blatant  liar. There many occasions when this has become obvious. She lied that there had been an agreement with Korea for our boys and girls to have work in that country! She lied that maize from our silos has become rotten! You cant have tones and tones of maize rotting without showing the country the rotten heap! Liar the maize she donated, labelled Joyce Banda was the same maize that Bingu wa Mutharika had reserved for country so that the country should have had food in times of hunger. Recently she said she knew who had shot Phwiyo, publicly said this and now she says she did not say that! everybody heard it! She says she never went to see Phwiyo but people who work closely to her say she went to see Phwiyo on her way to USA and went to see Phwiyo on her back!These are just a few of the lies she has told.If you care to dissect what happened when Bingu died she told a whole load of lies to get sympathy from the world even now people repeatedly quote some of her lies clouding history as it should be remembered! I can go on with this sad least but my point is a Head of State needs to be honest even if things are going wrong. I am not saying they should give up diplomacy but running a country is too serious a job to treat it like a small club!

Forthly Joyce Bandas’ decidion making is very questionable. When she first became president, she stood on the podium and said ” This is our time, lets enjoy ourselves and nobody should stop us” or words to that effect. People fo Malawi please understand this, it is a very important principle, if you get elected as a president, it really does not matter what party you have come from from that minute onwards till the end of your term you are the president for ALL Malawians! How then can it be your time! How can you have fun at the expense of the opposition?This just means to me that our president does NOT understand her job! Her job is so serious it needs broad mindedness of a special kind! failure to do so leads to some section of the country suffering unnecessarily! and I can honestly say yes she has brought forex but I suspect she was also influential in its disappearance in Malawi so she could pave her way into the first Job!The so called austerity measures leave alot to desired! so when she has flights that take longer to make, booking hotels for all her entourages as she travels on the way why is that cheaper than a presidential jet which will take her from a to b quickly so she can play her roles more efficiently? How much has selling the jet improved Malawi? We all know what we all feel about the trips she makes why cant she delegate most of these trips to her cabinet according to their roles? she costs too much and these trips  occupy times she should be using to formulate policies that should uplift Malawi!

Michelle Obama said during a speech she was giving during her husbands campaign:” Leadership at this level does not improve you but it exposes who you are!” How true those words ring in my ears. In a few months time Joyce Banda will have been president of Malawi for 2 years and what this position has revealed of her as far as I can make out is that: She is one very ambitious woman and there is nothing wrong with that we want more of those in Malawi, but she is prepared to lie openly to achieve high goals which does not work and in fact is very counter productive; is lacking in higher office experience to handle this tough multifaceted job to its satisfactory level; Joyce Banda has also shown that she is very vindictive, divisive and preferential in her handling of different people which is not compatible with leadership at this level. This the level of leadership whereby you even work with your enemy because you respect their capabilities.

When Bingu died Joyce Banda had time to work with the then DPP cabinet which had alot of good people and yes there might have been some that needed weeding but she single handy changed the government from what Malawians as a nation had elected to govern them to a government of her making. Prior to that she had given Bingu 90 days to leave office. Why did she do that to the nation if not only to enhance her ambitions. Ambition to the detriment of a whole nation cannot be condoned. Now that the cabinet is sacked, now that we know she is the sort woman she has displayed herself to be, how is she going to find a cabinet that will forget all she has done and behave with a discipline required of people holding high office? I see that as a very tall order for her! I know that she does try to bribe peolle with money but although Malawians are poor this does not always work and besides it will be foolhardy to start doing that now because Donors are watching mamm! Dont go to DPP members they will expose you! This is one hell of a mess which has come about because of weak, vindictive inefficient government on top of a cabinet not chosen for their merit but simply their loyalty, affiliation or what region they come from or what relation they are to Joyce Banda. Yes there is weakness in Malawians too! because they too should be ashamed of the degree of looting happening, Joyce Banda is not responsible for al of it!

My final words are to you standing for this job i.e.Peter Mutharika, Atupele, Chakwera and allthe others, please learn your lessons from this, this mess should be the last in Malawi. If you do not think you can avoid this mess in a government lead by you give it up now! I say this because at the end of the day, the real sufferer of this although we all suffer to some extent! the real sufferer is the vulnerable poor man in the village. In fact we all sufer in one way or other. The chaos in Malawi is totally preventable lets all rise against it!The president and future presidents need to look at themselves and Joyce Banda needs to make way for a more honest leader.


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