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Norway suspends Aid to Malawi

By Amalawi - Fri Oct 11, 11:37 pm

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Malawi: Norway has suspended budget aid to the republic of Malawi, one of the poorest nations in Africa, Malawi has seen high levels of corruption since the current government took over after the demise of late president Bingu Wa Munthalika.

The financial scandal has forced the government to shut down its payment system so that it could investigate the missing 4 million dollars. The suspension of the payment system has casused delays in the payment of civila servants, teachers, nurses and doctors  have not yet been paid

There are clear signs that substantial funds have been embezzled from the Malawian Ministry of Finance, Norway said in a statement it released on Friday

We have a policy of zero-tolerance for corruption, and cannot disburse any more budget support to the Malawian authorities until this matter has been fully resolved, development Heikki Eidsvoll Holmaas said.

Norway suspends Aid

Norway suspends Aid

So far this year Norway provided $41.4 million worth of aid to Malawi, a fifth of which was in the form of budget support.

Norway is one of the world biggest foreign donors and expects to donate $5 billion this year to dozens of developing nations.

Malawi police said that about 10 junior government officials had been arrested so far for suspected graft, and that they had recovered tens of thousands of dollars in cash from their car boots and homes.
Last week, envoys from eight Western donor nations, whose aid traditionally has accounted for about 40 percent of the state budget,
asked Banda to deal with the alleged corruption at the treasury and investigate an attack on the budget director.

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