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Malawi’s New border control system constantly crushes

By Amalawi - Fri Jun 07, 1:14 pm

Blantyre, Malawi:  The new border control system which was launched by President Dr. Joyce Banda at Chileka International Airport in Blantyre is constantly crushing. Some travelers have expressed concern over its ineffectiveness as the new system is too slow therefore increasing queue waiting times.

, Martin Gongolo an assistant Public Relations Officer for the Immigration Department has said that the system is posing a huge challenge to his department.

He attributed the problem to what he called ‘some minor technical faults’ on the new system which are currently being looked into.

“It’s true that many travellers are complaining that the system is very slow as they are forced to wait for a long time so that they can be assisted accordingly by immigration officials before they board an aircraft.

“Others are opting for the old manual system, however, the immigration department is working hand-in-hand with our consultants to eradicate the problem,” Gongolo said.

Boarder control system

Boarder control system

According to Gongolo, so far, only two official border posts at Kamuzu and Chileka International Airports are using the new system. It is not known whether this is a pilot phase a or a real live system. Our attempts to identify the company which implemented the system yielded no results.

Gongolo further said that his departments plans to introduce the system to all bordersc in Malawi by December

“We plan to have the new system by December this year, all the borders shall have a computerized system as what remains is to link the old system with the permit system here at the headquarters

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  1. This is all rubbish and I think its all for the publicity of this website as no body knows about this website in Malawi. I am a frequent flyer and gone through this new system 4 times in past one month, two times from CIA & two times from KIA.I must say that The system performance was just fantastic and during all my four visits, I found the new Immigration system was working perfectly fine.
    I remember, when first time I faced this new system, it took maximum 3 minutes to capture my details and for other times when I travelled, it did not take even 2 minutes to capture my details.
    I must say Immigration is doing a good job with Bwana Mankhwala like leader for the department. Kudos to Bwana Mankhwala .
    I think our country is developing very fast with the technology and this is an live example of that and our nation is now being ready to compete Europe & Asia
    Being a social media, you should be more responsible and you should not write all this bullshit if your are aware about all these things!!!

  2. Well, i travelled last week out to south african via kia. I’ve had a taste of this new system and i must say it’s great. I think there were i lot of loopholes in the old manual system as anyone could easily dash into and outside the country.

  3. the company rolling this out is TechnoBrain.

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