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Malawi Politcal memoirs

By Amalawi - Wed Apr 17, 9:38 am

Malawi: A niche market for the Malawian personal assistants has been discovered, some Malawians have started publishing political memoirs which is a new development in Malawian politics. This development will make politicians think twice before making decisions because they now know that their own personal assistants and rivers will one day reveal all. The online Malawi media and the social network Facebook has been awash with views and opinions on the excerpts published by the former legal counsel to President Bingu wa Munthalika Allan Ntata former and former director general of MBC Bright Malopa have been posting their excerpts.

What has raised eyebrows and got most people talking, was the decision by Davies Saddo to post excerpts from his so called memoirs. Davies Saddo describes himself as a former personal assistant to the former cabinet minister and UDF heavyweight, the late Dumbo Lemani.

His excerpts featured how the former  Malawi head of state, Late Bingu wa Mutharika, came to be included in the UDF party, getting the job of deputy reserve bank governor and how Dumbo Lemani did his best for Bingu to become president of the country.  In the excerpts highlighting how Bingu got the Reserve bank job, Saddo wrote “

Then came my instructions:   “Get his CV and draft a memo to HE recommending him for a job as Deputy Reserve Bank Governor. After that rush to Nthunthama State House where the ADC will give you an envelope for him.”We agreed to meet in two hours time, to allow Bingu update his CV and for me to go collect the mysterious envelope from Ntunthama as instructed…

Political memoirs

Political memoirs

While many are questioning the motive behind Saddo’s sudden outbursts, this is not the first time for Malawi. Former legal counsel to President Bingu wa Munthalika Allan Ntata former and former director general of MBC Bright Malopa have been posting their excerpts.

Critics are calling these as political agendas, others are saying they are being written by bitter and frustrated people. Some are questioning the wisdom of these memoir writers in choosing to do this when the people they are actually writing about are dead. Others are getting to the point of calling the authors attention seekers, seeking to make name for themselves. However, what is shocking is the revelation by Saddo that after posting the excerpts, his Facebook message inbox was flooded with threats.

What needs to be understood by Malawians and everyone else is that ,this style of writing might be new for Malawi but the reality is that it’s been going on for years. It is common for politicians or people involved with politicians to write books of their time in the corridors of power.

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  1. They should reveal all indeed but I am not sure. They are all afraid!!! lets wait and see.
    Someone should publish a book

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