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Minister of Education Kazembe ungrateful to Madona’s contributions in Malawi

By Amalawi - Wed Apr 03, 3:53 pm

Malawi: Madonna has been actively working to combat Malawi’s troubling education issues since 2006, but this week her effort were dealt a swift blow when the county’s education authorities denied the validity of one of her charitable organisations biggest accomplishments. But the 54 year old singer is not backing on her previous statements.

Eunice Kazembe, the Malawi’s education minister, said that Madonna’s organization (Raising Malawi), which aims to help the country’s 1 million orphans, did not actually construct the 10 schools but instead constructed 10 blocks

“The schools raising Malawi claims to have constructed were already in existence” Kazembe said .
“Raising Malawi only built 10 classroom blocks and not schools, people should know the difference between the two.

But officials from Raising Malawi said that Kazembe’s statements were unmerited saying they are shocked by Kazembe’s comments.

Madona in Malawi

Madona in Malawi

A close source to the situation, who asked to remain anonymous while still working with the Malawi government, said he believe s that Kazembe’s statements come as a result president Joyce Banda’s sister Anjimile Oponyo working in the ministry of Education.

Oponyo, now serves as the principal secretary for the ministry of education, but previously worked with Madonna as CEO and head of the state of the art girls school the singer was commissioning in Malawi.

The schools was allegedly never built because of what a report from the affiliated Global philanthropy group- accompany that work with organization to implement highly leverage philanthropic strategies. Said were oponyo’s weak management skills.

She was truly fired from the project and oponye’s dismissal is what the source believes may have played a role in Kazembe’s recent statements about Madonna inflating the success of her last project.

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  1. She was fired from running the project , what do you expect!!! Above all how did she manage to get the job in the ministry????

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