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Banda calls former head of states a waste of time

By Amalawi - Wed Apr 03, 9:58 am

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By our reporter,

Lilongwe Malawi: Malawi President Joyce Banda has said the former heads of state mandated to mediate the Tanzanian Malawi borader dispute are a waste of time. She has since taken the dispute to the International court.

The comments were made on Monday during a press conference Banda held on her return from globe trotting.

Responding to a question on what would be Malawi’s next step following the end of the three months given to SADC retired Heads of State and Governments to mediate the dispute, President Banda said the country’s earlier position was to go to the International Court, but Blantyre did not want to be seen as snubbing the regional bloc following Tanzania’s proposal that the dispute be referred there.

“We are still waiting for them to make a decision. But if I have to tell Malawians the truth, it was a waste of time. It is better to go to the International Court where the matter will be adjudicated in accordance to the law and international practice,” she said.

President Banda also accused an official of Tanzanian origin within the SADC ranks of leaking Malawi’s submitted documents on the dispute to the Government of Tanzania before the latter made their submissions.

According to President Banda, the mediation at SADC had been compromised.

Tanzania & Malawi lake dispute dispute

Tanzania & Malawi lake dispute dispute

“We presented the legal documents to former President of Mozambique Joachim Chissano before Tanzania did and the Tanzanian officials leaked our documents to Tanzania,” she reiterated.

She said that due to the leakage, her country had lost faith in the proceedings of the dispute at SADC.

President Banda said ever since she was born, she had only known that Lake Malawi was shared between her country and Mozambique and not Tanzania, vowing to fight for that position.

Malawi is disputing Tanzania’s claim of ownership of part of Lake Malawi.

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