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Government denies existense of hunger

By Amalawi - Mon Mar 25, 10:24 am

By our reporter,

Lilongwe, Malawi: The existence of hunger is being denied by the Malawi government and yet people are starving. In some districts people are sleeping on queues waiting to buy maize the only staple in Malawi.  The maize rationing which is in place only allows people to buy 10KG’s of maize at a time.

The price of maize is calculated based on the harvest; Malawi introduced a free market several years ago. ADAMRC the country grain keeper is selling the maize at 3000 kwacha per 50KG bag. Vendors who are allowed to freely sell their goods are selling the same maize at 10,000 kwacha per 50 KG bag. Vendors have depleted the government reserves and are making huge and exorbitant profits.

No Maize in Malawi

No Maize in Malawi

During the reign of DPP under president Bingu Wa Muntharika all market vendors were not allowed to inflate the prices, the maize price was fixed in order to cushion the poor.

Currently big companies who are able to buy the maize in bulk are dictating the price. They have huge reserves which can feed the whole country but are only selling when it suits them.

The rains this year have been erratic which means there will be hunger yet again next year; the countries green belt project which was the idea of DPP was shelved by the current PP government. The green belt project was aimed at ensuring that maize and other crops are grown all year round hence ensuring enough food for Malawians.

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  1. It would be nice indeed but mind you, its the same people who are in government who are selling the maize at exorbitant prices. Most officials in government have business which includes selling maize, they have people working for them at the markets.

    It is really a catch 22 and the poor Malawian is the one that suffers at the end of teh day!! Where there are goods rains they say we are doing well in government.. Its crazy really crazyy

  2. Malwi is really going through tough economic hardships. I wonder if a local villager would afford
    the the bag of maize which is the sole food for the people of Malawi? Govt should exercise its powers and put policies in place so that these exorbitant prices should come to an end.

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