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Indonesia executes Malawian

By Amalawi - Sat Mar 16, 2:02 am

By our reporter,

Indonesian officials have confirmed that Adami Wilson, a Malawi national convicted of drugs smuggling, was executed by firing squad on Thursday night.

Wilson was found guilty of smuggling 1kg of heroin into the country in 2004.

The human-rights group Amnesty International called the execution a “shocking and regressive step”.

Malawian Executed

Malawian Executed

Amnesty says that more than 140 people are on death row in Indonesia, mostly for drug crimes. About a third of them are foreigners.

“We oppose the death penalty in all circumstances, but Indonesia’s long period without executions and the pledge to put even more people to death, makes this even more shocking,” said Amnesty’s Papang Hidayat.

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  1. This guy was found with several passports. How did they establish that he was Malawian? His name is clearly Nigerian type and that country’s embassy have confirmed that.

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