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Malawi government to export it’s youth

By Amalawi - Fri Mar 15, 4:00 pm

By our reporter,

Lilongwe, Malawi: The Malawi government aims to ease unemployment problems in the country by exporting its youth to South Korea. The minister of Labour Mrs Eunice Makangala announced the government decision today. A high powerful delegation sent by the president is heading to South Korea, the delegation has been tasked to assess the working conditions in South Korea.

The deal to send labour to South Korea was struck by Joyce Banda when she visited South Korea two months ago. The government aims to increase its foreign exchange reserves through this labour export. It is yet to be seen how its labour foreign exchange will be increased as money sent to Malawi is mostly received in local currency (kwacha).

The government has launched a recruitment campaign through radio adverts, it is targeting youths who are 19 or older and posses a Malawi school leaving certificate. Those recruited will be expected to work in factories, construction and even estates.

Exporting Malwi youths

Exporting Malwi youths

The decision to import labour is a rational economic proposition for South Korea as these youths will be on a lower wage rate. South Korea has been importing labour from different countries such as India and Sri Lanka over the years.

Some analyst believes the government will have failed its youth by sending them to work in a foreign country. One analyst has observed that

“While there is no doubt that an unemployment problem, there are labour shortages in agriculture. In fact these labour shortages appear to be a threatening constraint to agriculture.

The export of labour to South Korea is not likely to solve the unemployment problem. It may however aggravate the problem of labour shortages in agriculture. Besides this, there are the social problems that arise especially as the entire household is not likely to be allowed to migrate. “

The government does not appear to have considered the complex issues arising from the export of labour. It is indeed sad to think that a myopic perspective guided by gains on foreign exchange remittances appear to guide government policy.

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  1. No

  2. Will these youths return back to Malawi? There are so many Malawian across the world whoeft and promised to come but they never dud. They ate busy cleaninv old people in homes across the UK. Will madame president export her own son?

  3. Lets wait and see if this is really productive for the country!!!

  4. We all know that unemployment is high in Malawi at the moment, and this will not change much for a long time. South Korea offers a legally constituted programme of migrant labour, probably one of the best in the world. Various countries in the far east send such labour especially Phillipines. In the year 2013 the regulated wage for unskilled migrant labour is US$958 per month, which Malawian would not jump at this opportunity. The South Korean scheme offers both work and skill development in the agriculture and livestock sectors, which will enable these young Malawians set up their own businesses when they return. Bravo JB

  5. Ndimeneyo ya JB man.. akuti kunthandzia unemplyment yachani. Akawatumiza ku North Korea, lets wait and seee.

  6. Modern slave trade….kkkkkkk

  7. Very interesting indeed!! Currently the UK is waiting to receive even yet cheap labour from Bulgaria. The UK citizens are not happy for all the foreigners to come over here, so I am not sure if the Koreans will welcome Malawians or they will simply end sending them to the boarder near the north.. I hope this minister her boss have thought deep and hard about thisssss

  8. Biased or not it is government policy, we have heard this for sometime indeed…My son will not be going!!!

  9. This is biased reporting, government is not planning to export youths but labour… Can you please not be accurate. Labour does not equal youth…….Atleast someon is trying to help

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