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The Big eleven granted bail – Baptism for 2014

By Amalawi - Thu Mar 14, 5:48 pm

By Our reporter,

Lilongwe, Malawi: Justice has finally prevailed in Malawi as all 10 DPP members who were arrested on Monday have been granted bail. Despite the delaying tactic employed by the government the courts have delivered.

High Court Judge Ivy Kamanga on Thursday afternoon granted bail to the 10 accused, who include acting DPP President Peter Mutharika.

Justice Kamanga granted bail on condition that they provide two sureties each amounting to K7 million in assets, surrender all their travel documents to police and also report to police once every two weeks.

The judge also asked all the accused to pay cash bond of K250 000, 00 each. He further imposed travel restrictions within the country; they are free to travel however the police have to be notified first.

 One DPP supporter was heard saying, Catholics got their new pope yesterday, the Chinese have their new leader today, Malawi has the next elected president granted bail.

The road to 2014

The road to 2014

Hundreds of DPP supporters who were at the court went crazy and chanted “Convention, convetion”, Bingu ndi boma 2014, boma 2014.DPP members have now been fully galvanised and ready to campaign for 2014 ,they have baptised our leaders for 2014, we will now campaign as if there is no tomorrow, we are fed up of eating BONYA”, said one of the supporters outside the court.

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  1. Innocent until proved guiltgy remember?

    It is not justice arresting these 10 ministers /officials because there is not enough evidence to warant an arrest. The governement actually asked for 14-21 days to collect information ! By the time you arrest someone you should have all the information you want crsytal clear! Up untill now I am not convinced these arrests are legal I so far think they are political, designed to confuse DPP, designed to make it difficult for DPP to campaign and designed to weaken DPP.

    The truth prevails! The truth prevails in the end.
    We are praying for you DPP. God loves all his children just forgive Joyce Banda for she knows not what she is doing!

  2. Even the arrest of these coup plotters was justice.

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