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Life even tough for Malawians as prices go up

By Amalawi - Thu Mar 14, 10:10 am

By Our reporter,

Blantyre, Malawi: Consumer analyst in Malawi has been proved right yet again, analyst had predicted an increase in the price of commodities. On Monday the MERA announced a 1.7% increase in the price of fuel, this is now having a trickle down effect in the supply chain.

Illovo Sugar Malawi Limited has announced a 15 percent price increase for sugar; sugar is a basic necessity for all Malawians and especially the poor who have no access to alternatives.Malawians are already grappling with the soaring prices of basic need, a bag of 50KG maize is now costing 10,000 kwacha ($25) and yet civil servants only earn 29,000 kwacha ($72).

Consumer analysts are predicting further commodity prices due to the increase of fuel.

“Everything will cost more in Malawi since the country only relies on petrol and diesel. There is no other means of transporting goods in Malawi hence the increase in petrol is deemed damaging to the economy. All Malawians will be squeezed out of their pocket” said an agitated analyst

price of commodities up again

price of commodities up again

Malawi is undergoing a great deal of change; the change has and is still causing suffering among ordinary Malawians. The average Malawian is no longer able to afford a portion of meat a month; instead Bonya (toad-poles) is the only life saver.

Employers in the country are refusing to increase the pay of their workers.

Economic analysts have blamed the bad economic management of the current government of Joyce Banda. Analyst believe Malawi is being governed by proxy, IMF is running Malawi just like Greece.

“As a country we are heading down hill, we are worse than Greece and furthermore we do not have the support that Greece have, how is Malawi going to be like in three year time?”

Malawi needs creating and African based economic policies which will help and support the people of Malawi and not enrich IMF

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  1. Why is it that IMF doesn’t care about the local people in the country? IMF clearly knows what impact their propositions will have on the people but dont seem to care at all. WHY, WHY????

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