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Protest go viral in Malawi as cracks appear in PP

By Amalawi - Tue Mar 12, 4:07 pm

By our reporter,

Blantyre, Malawi: Protest against the arrest of DPP member have gone viral in Malawi, almost all districts (Boma) are seeing major protest. Police are struggling to cope across the southern and central regions. The people are angry at the arrest of their leader Prof Peter Muntharika

In the mean time there are conflicting reports about the authorisation of the arrests, some PP memebers including those in the cabinet question the way the arrests have been made. amalawi will provide more information as we get it.

There are ongoing street fights between the police and the supporters of DPP. They believe the arrest is political and ill timed. The supporters are out to show their solidality to their party and leader Prof. Peter Mutharika.DPP supporters are seen across the country and mostly in major trading centres. There is chaos as cars are being burnt and police threatened by the supporters. Area 3 in Lilongwe near the district commissioner’s office and in Lumbadzi where the leader is being held has seen most of the protests.  Zomba, Chiradzulu and Thyolo have all seen huge crowds protesting.

Protests go viral in Malawi

Protests go viral in Malawi

Some police officers have complained that they are under equipped, they under estimated the support of the DPP in the country. The police officer who did not want to be named said “Something has to be done otherwise we will lose our beloved country, Malawians are angry and we do not have the man power to control them”

Yesterday the police issued a warrant of arrest on Peter Muntharika and other former cabinet ministers in connection with the transition plot they are suspected to have been part of immediately after the death of his brother late President Bingu wa Mutharika in April last year due to heart attack.

Party supporters have warned the police and the government that there will be unrest in Malawi if justice is not done. of the ring leaders of the so called coup are in government. It is unclear what will happen to them.


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  1. koma abale…. siza ku Zimbabwe izi!!!!! I am not sure if JB will be able to handle this!!!!

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