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Malawi govt turned down by Botswana

By Amalawi - Tue Mar 12, 9:39 am

By our Reporter,

Lilongwe, Malawi: The Botswana Government has officially turned down a request from the Malawi Government to allow State President Mrs Joyce Banda to fly with the president of Botswana Ian Seretse Khama. The two presidents are expected to attend a summit for African leaders in the United States of America.

The trip is currently being organized by the authorities in Malawi who are trying their best to minimize the travel costs. Since auctioning the presidential Jet last year the authorities at the Office of President and Cabinet in Lilongwe have been asking the hosting countries to provide the president with transport whenever invitations arrive. Most corrupt and rich African presidents in Africa have provided the transport without an explanation to their own people and country.


The Botswana government is one of the best run government in Africa and indeed in the world. On receiving the request from Malawi it immediately sent a letter of regret to the Malawian authorities. This is the lowest embarrassment Malawi has reached in recent years under the leadership of President Joyce Banda.

The Malawi government has a state of the art official presidential jet which was bought by the Bingu wa Muntharikas government, the purchase of jet did not please some western governments. On Assuming office presidents Joyce Banda auctioned the Jet in order to please western donors who themselves use presidential jets. President Banda claimed she wanted to sell the jet in order to raise money to assist poor people in Malawi.

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  1. yeah! eish mare gone gago tsamaelane more so that the lady is allready taken gakere rene reka solofela sengwenyana jaanong ke gotloga banna baja mabole fela go buiwa ko loetong.

  2. She should just get less expensive replacement

  3. This is shameful!! Why cant Mma Banda board a commercial flight if she is serious about cutting costs other than embarrasing herself and our government? Batswana o bua nnete. What if Bw president wants to go somewhere after that? Will JB just be following? Musatichititse manyazi ife a Malawi kuno ku Botswana

  4. Aish,,sorry next time!

  5. The next thing she will be sking for accomodation on the same pretext(cutting cost)

  6. This is a big embarrassment to us Malawians! You mean the whole President begging for a free ride and she cheat us her government has changed things in Malawi. I cry for the big brain, the late President, Bingu wa Muthalika, a visionary leader but, but people denied him in his own land. May his soul rest in eternal peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. go thata g o bona president a simolola go kopa di ride. next time she wont sell that Jet anymore trying to please the western countries

  8. Shame, this shows that a president needs her own jet to quickly go to meetings and get back to work! If you do things because you want to please donors this sort of thing happens.

    Congratulations Botswana, it is incoveninent for Malawi to hitch a hike with any minister/ president. If Malawi’s president has decided to auction the jet, she should then follow that up with the consequences i.e. use public transport! end of story. I dont think any country should sell its presidential jet just to emulate Joyce Banda, a lot of Malawians were of the opinion that there were so many different ways she could have dealt with that issue!

  9. Let’s be practical. So she wanted to hitch a ride for free yet we (taxpayers) help to get the Botswana President to these destinations?? How exactly are the taxpayers in Malawi helping our country then? Whose burden should it be? Or are we to assume that the Malawian president will split travel costs? Isnt it much cheaper then to just fly commercial? I.e SA express? I find this idea of hitching rides    with other presidents quite dangerous. Malawi should understand all diplomatic problems that could arise, if the plane crashes or God forbid she falls then eternally Malawi will blame us. Prince William  and Prince Charles never even travel on the same plane for fear that something could wipe them both out. Why are we viewing it as mean of the Bots president? Also are we to assume that the Malawi will board the plane alone?  Does she not have chiefs of protocol and other ministers who also have to come along? Are they all hopping on the Bots jet? What if there is an assassination attempt on either president? Have we thought about the war that could erupt? And finally can’t we all just accept that everyone has different personalities. If u have a president who values privacy and his staff know how he is, why should he now be forced to be the host with the most on his own plane? And finally, some of these shared travels now get misconstrued. can u imagine the headlines?? married malawian president in private jet with single bots president.AFFAIR? come on    people, if its such a small thing then clearly the easier route is to fly commercial.

  10. what a douche 

  11. Why not use Air Namibia up to Frankfurt, broad the train and finally get sea transport up USA coast, jump into the bus till her destination.

  12. She is doing the right thing, getting rid of the presidential jet and looking after her country / her people. All the other corrupt African Leaders should follow her move.

    But no, all too greedy, and don’t care about their people.

    And of course, blame it on the west again. Typical.

    1. Do we dictate to the west they should do? I wonder. America is in trillions of debt why not sell Airforce1??

  13. SA is available but you guys are expensive and always bankrupt.. I am not sure if JB will want to save more and use Ethiopin airwys. She needs to save money for her maize distribution. Shit lady!!!

  14. South African airways is always available. 

  15. if something happens to Her Exellency, aboard Botswana plane how do we explain to Lilongwe.How does her exellency transfer her safety nd insurace rights into our plane, its a bit complicated though its good nd african to be nighbourly.

    1. The naivity at work in this government goes beyong imagination! They have not thought about all those things edwin!

  16. Malawian president aprt from kamuzu and bingu have always been beggars, this creates a situation where malawians are looked down abroad especially because the country is the least develop country aprt from a few other wo have been war tone. Still african leaders need to have pride, prime minister of Uk does not have a private Jet he pioneers on demostrative that he is saving costs. OSATICHITITSA MANYAZI AMAI,

  17. Malawi govt should never try to encroach into Botswana president’s privacy like that. They sold theirs so public transport is available. With all due respect.

  18. My Pho Jabula, you are absolutely right! If anything was to happen while JB was with the Botswana crew Malawi will be on fire. The two countries would be at logger heads and God knows what you transpire. Malawi are peace loving people but sadl there are some silly people i this land locked country. They would cause havoc and a mess.

    I like your proverb She should keep begging as she is claiming to save money!! What a president yeh!!! He is married to an educated man though.. By the way he speaks Tswana as well.

  19. The issue should be looked at preventing likely eventualities that may occur such as flight crash, which the Botswana government would face severe repercussions. And once that calamity occurs all the Malawians would put blame on Botswana government. Madam Joyce Banda should instead use passengers South African airways. He who sells his horse shall ride on his beg, the old African proverb attests.

  20. iwe, these are the most civilised people in Africa. Rich and well behaved… iwe waku mpoto eti… you support president selling the jet!!!

  21. Alot of Batswana are commenting coz they r stl leavng under the dectatoship…u dnt know democracy you guys…..the only un-democratic country remaining in Southern Afrika

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. South Africa a democracy?

    2. Matendevu, do you understand what is meant by democracy?…if you dont, then you should visit Botswana to learn democracy, good governance, the rule of law and respect for human rights. I bet your country doesnt have any of these

  22. Gee ware Mabala a kgaka,,na ga re batle bo tHerra mpechetsa ka mine wa Damtsha hong.gape goka nna ntwa akere mme ole ke Mrs.

    Ski o irile sentle,flight gae ena petrol ya go dikologa lebo Mma Banda

  23. hahahahaha mme kana ian nne aka ipala mabala a kgaka

  24. Botswna made a clever move on that one.I dont c why it becomes a pro blem to Malawian government

  25. Hahahaha – I dont know a lot about Malawi but hey if this is how they live I think they have a long way to go….I heard that the president is a celebrity who travels with an entiurage !!!

  26. hahah Libolo… Zuma is a womaniser!!! he would have said yes straight away indeed. as you know he has 5 wives..

  27. This is absolutely nonses. Many thanks to my government for refusing this request. It is very strange indeed for Malawi to be begging. Our president is a single man… it would be unfair to be with someones wife…..Above all we the Tswana’s dont want to get involved with the dealings of the Malawi government….

    Go and invest ina presidential jet, thats what countries do!!!

  28. Lol see now why Khama is not married, if Malawi had requested RSA, Zuma would have agreed, he likes ladies!!

  29. This issue is a non starter. which head of state would want another head of state catching lifts of him or her. Its an issue of national security, nothing personal. Batswana would not want anything to happen to the Malawian president at the hands of her people, that would be one diplomatic nightmare….

  30. It really depends on how you look at it!! Bias or not biased, it depends on the type of person you are.

    I am based out here in the USA and not home and I think this is valid as I dont really understand why she auctiomed the jet!!! Why?? A president has to have diginity but this one not!!! Do you think she is saving money or not? I dont think so.. She is begging but hey thats what she wanted.

    The Botswana president isclever!!

  31. This is extremely bias reporting. We should praise every effort by any leader in our country to cut costs no matter their political affiliation.

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