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The Midnight Six Saga- a personal analysis

By Analytical Rose - Mon Mar 11, 11:27 am

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By Analytical Rose,

Malawi: This has gone on so long that as much as one tries to ignore it it raises its ugly head again and it is virtually impossible to brush aside. I am a proud Malawian despite all the chaos going on there now. I am abroad and most of what I know comes form reading what is published and one has to work on the basis that what is published is fundamentally true.

When I follow the articles , including the inquiry, I have drawn personal conclusions and I arrived at those conclusions by this process.

First I looked at our constitution, and in there it states that the VP will take over on the demise of the president. That is all.According to Bingu’s communication we had to ask our VP to leave because she was forming parallel structures while also belonging to DPP. Personally I can say I see why DPP felt that this could not be tolerated for obvious reasons. The constitution is silent on what you do if your VP has her own Party at the demise of the incumbent.

Another thing that is clear from the constitution is that the VP is supposed to step into the shoes of the incumbent and continue the policies , the manifestos of the ruling party. I can see the legal implications here. The country voted DPP into power because the country wanted to be run by DPP policies. For the VP to come in and dissolve DPP and replace it by PP amounts to single handedly removing the party that the whole country voted into power and replacing that party by her own. I am sure this must invite serious legal implications!Malawians are calm people but also sometimes they don’t inform themselves well to defend themselves on these issues. I wonder if this is impeachable stuff? One person, Joyce Banda used her powers to replace the whole party that was voted in by Malawians for 4 years by her own party even dismissing people incorrectly by doing so. In so doing costing the very same Government short of money a lot of money paying these people off. I am deeply disturbed by this!

At the time of the death, there was a lot of confusion.

Part of this confusion appears to be because there do not seem to be concrete set up for looking after the health of the president and certainly nothing in place for the president when the president collapses, this applies to ant president in place.

There does not appears to be appropriate vehicle to transport the president to a hospital where more advanced care can be afforded this important man in our country, so he ends up being dumped on the corridors for 10 hours! un believable! unbelievable!

I would say this part of the confusion is due to poor organisation and it needs immediate address!!! so it does not happen again!


Malawi Constitution

Malawi Constitution

The rest of the confusion as far as I am concerned was caused by Joyce herself.

She according to what has been published started organizing her own parallel structures which she was VP within DPP. This made the  then President ask her to leave! but it seems he had not sought appropriate counsel either because the way this was done was such that Joyce just stayed put and yet continue to grow her party. This was wrong on two counts here is a woman progressing her personal ambitions but still getting remuneration from the government! if she had integrity she should have left DPP and concentrated on developing PP but she did not want to lose the facilities DPP was providing including the fact that she might just become president if Bingu was to die! This meant that when Bingu did die, the constitution was not enough to direct the cabinet what to do!

What is supposed to happen according to the constitution is that she steps in the presidents feet and continues with his term till elections and then its free for all. because of this ministers did all sorts of weird things in an attempt to make decisions for the country. I commend these minsters, they did not cause havoc  they had enough to make life very difficult for Joyce but they did not. Through the mess it was decided to let her take power. She goes and changes government and they just watch her do this!

If JB had worked with the then DPP, she could have earned the rope with an already in place cabinet and then gained the experience which could have avoided some of the mistakes she is making now. She could have corrected Bingu’s mistakes and won a lot of affection because that is what the country needed. Instead she got vindictive, loud and spoke with abandon to try and make herself whiter than white! Internationally as well as at home we all saw it.


One could write a book on this issue alone but let me say this. It is not too late. Joyce could use this episode as a way forward by


1. Putting into place what needs to happen to look after the presidents health

2. What the constitution says should be water tight and so to me the Constitution needs to be very very clear without a doubt what it is saying. I think it needs reconstructing

3. Joyce needs to take a very deep and honest look at herself. There is nothing wrong with having weaknesses we all have them but what is wrong is failing to take heed and do something about it because in so doing you can hurt a lot of people especially if you are in an important job like hers.

Finally Joyce Banda is just a sample what is the malaise in our country. Especially in politics but I dare say it runs in other aspects of life. If we continue as a country to think that running our country’s affairs will be ok on cheating and using substandard organisational ways like we have now we stand to sink further as a country because, we cannot progress if we all take up big posts only to make ourselves rich. We can not progress if our ethos in life is to oppress others thinking that propels us forward. It is well known that if you are honest with yourself, when you support others while you push yourself forward you all make it. Failing this Malawi will get into deeper problems and we will for ever be other countries puppets  As a Malawian I don’t want that and I am just hoping that there are a lot of Malawians who don’t want that either!

This is a personal view and you are welcome to make any constructive comments that can progress this discussion.

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