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Atupele on free Education

By Amalawi - Wed Mar 06, 1:50 pm

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By Our reporter,

Malawi: The former president Bakili Muluzi introduced free primary education and now the son Atupele Muluzi is promising free secondary school education. Muluzi is promising the nation that they will have access to free secondary education if they vote UDF into government.

“UDF introduced free primary education. This time around, we would like to see how best we can improve conditions of the schools we have. On top of that, we will explore how we will introduce free secondary education,” Muluzi said.

In his speech, which was largely centred on the themes of the party’s forthcoming policy convention, Muluzi also told the gathering that his party will this year announce how his party will create 500,000 new jobs in five years from next year.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele Muluzi

“I would like to tell you that there are ways of creating jobs. I tell you that before being voted into government next year, I challenge you that this year we will show measures that will lead to the creation of 500,000 new jobs. In five years, it is possible to create jobs, bringing companies. It’s possible, we have a way of achieving that,” Muluzi said.

The young Muluzi is currently trotting around the country wowing Malawians to vote him and his UDF party into government. UDF is the only party that is outlining its policies. The current ruling party of President Joyce Banda and all other opposition parties have not outlined their policies. DPP have said all will be revealed after their Indaba. MCP are completely silent on their policies. PP are just riding the waves of being in government and taking Malawians for granted. They believe that maize distribution is a policy that Malawians will accept.

On the same note UDF have declared that it is the only clean party as all bad apples have now defected to other factions and parties. They are promising a clean campaign with clear policies on the table. The young Muluzi is on record challenging the other candidates to debate on policy.

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