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Why do we as a country fail to establish a political system which works for us.

By Analytical Rose - Mon Feb 25, 5:36 pm

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When the late Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda helped Malawi become independent , he must have had visions of a little, country with a vibrant economy , running it’s own affairs by now and getting onto the world ladder of developed countries. I am very certain he did no visualise strikes and the degree of poverty we still have in Malawi. So whats wrong? was Kamuzu high flutting? is such development untenable for Malawi? or are we failing to achieve as a nation?

Personally I think we are failing to achieve for our nation what is perfectly achievable and as a nation especially as we approach the next elections we need to do the difficult thing of reflecting and looking at ourselves and honestly admit what is wrong. The next step then as a nation is to start tackling these areas of difficulty with the same honesty. This process is bound to get us where we want to be as a nation.

The areas I feel we need to d our work on are





Political Systems

Political Systems

Dishonest: I have noticed that when politicians are aiming for power they behave one way and once they have got power they behave another way. I am aware that what seems to be there before you take on power is not the same as what you get when you are eventually get the power. I am not talking about this. I am talking about a law maker knowing very well that they are going to practice regionalism, but they stand in the house and announce that their regime will not put up with regionalism because it’s no good for the country. Empty rhetoric! they go stragh out and practice regionalism without fear or shame.This is just one example of many.

They are also dishonest to themselves.It seems some jobs can be too big, and the lawmaker needs to recognise talent elsewhere so as to match it with the job going; instead they pretend they know or understand and make  a mess because they are misinformed. The most important thing should be getting the job done nothing else!

The country enjoys writing up stories that provoke negative emotion, knowing very well that that is not going to help! Why as nation are we so di shonest ? News papers are supposed to inform the public, not MISinform the public?

Ignorance:If I had anything to do with governement I would work to have a bill passed whereby all MPs need to have read and demonstrate that they have understood the constitution.The constitution is there to guide us! why in heveans name do we ignore it? some of the mps do not even read it going by their behaviour? There is a lot of lacking knowledge on how to run things; Does a president fire and hire everybody in a country? then why have committees and boards and organisations formed if the whole country is going to be treated like one persons firm?

Ignorance is making us lose umunthu. Listen if one Malawian president does well, all Malawians benefit! so there is every reason for supporting an incumbent president to be supported, if they are doing well!. Yet all we do in our country is find fault, I am no fan of Joyce Banda and yes in many ways she has made gross errors but there must be somethig she has done well. Can we not find it in ourselves when critcise each other to highlight some of the good things too?

This ignorant behaviour is costing us heavily, we need to recognise that is’t ok for someone else to get he kudos, it’s ok for another party to do well. a difference of opinon is a difference of  but it does not amount to njiru or war! This is ignorance

Confidence:As a nation we have no guts! we do not have it in us to say to a leader apa ndiye mukulakwitsa. We can rant we can rev but nobody was able to tell Bingu, and now nobody is able to tell Joyce that she is getting too big headed and she has quickly becoming blind inside this bubble of leadership with its falsehoods around it! I suppose this is for fear of being ostarsized because Malawians dont take criticis for what it is they take it as udani! To chage this needs very deep understanding of communication how can we get our country reaching these depths! of understanding! Lies lies lies so that the bwana can give you banyira, why are we not proud enough to stand for the truth?

Efficiency: I am sure you have heard the  saying that says time is money!I have always thought until recently our existance was based on produce not money but there is no doubt that those days are gone in Malawi now. Money is important and may be that is why everybody is callmouring for it! If you want to make money you need to use every minute wisely, this means having systems, having working systems, respecting the systems, by this I mean even the Police, the army, the teachers the hospitals, business people in the coutry. It should be very clear why and how you go about getting what at any given time and failure to respct that system should be punished. Most of our systems are broken down!Cheatng!stealing! even the lawmakers appear to get rich over night after joining the House of Parliament! We need to take a good a look at ourselves! do we want a better country or not? are we as an individual contirbuting to a better country or nor? when we next elect a party do we want a party that will give us money and gifts or do we want a party that resotres Malawi to Glory?

Final question: we have no medicines in our hospitals, and yet our president has money to give to chiefs to soften them , money to buy a flat screen TV for prisons, does it take a degree in economics to see that if all these little misapproppriated moneys were to be collected even poor Malawi would manage to save its people from simple illneses? We mismanage the country that is why we are in trouble we need to accept that so that we can start correctingit!

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