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Malawi – CAMA demonstrations on

By Amalawi - Thu Jan 17, 12:00 pm

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By our Reporter,
Blantyre: As the Consumers Association of Malawi-CAMA are today Thursday taking their views to the streets against the increase in the prices of commodities, Police have occupied all major cities of Malawi to make sure there is security during the process.

For example in Blantyre, police have surrounded the town and all other places as a way of curbing riots. The same is happening in all other districts of the country.

But although security is most important this day recalling from what happened on 20th July 2011 where people lost their lives and properties, police have started beating up people who are not doing anything wrong as in terms of riots but have just put on black or red attires.

Demonstrator in Blantyre Malawi

Demonstrator in Blantyre Malawi

Patrick Kafalimana one of the people who have already started being beaten by police as when he was going to work by his bicycle, police stopped him in the highway and started beating him for putting on red shirt.

“They were more than five and when they stopped me, they asked me the reason I put on red shirt and before I answered, they started beating me,” he said.

“After that, they took me to Chichiri prison where they continued beating me up then they told prisoners to be beating me, then they released me. I feel very bad because I am just a person who was going to work and I did nothing wrong.” He said.

Meanwhile, the demonstarations have started in many parts of the country including in Blantyre where they have started in Kanjedza.
Many shops in Malawi have been closed and the streets are more quiet as compared to how busy the streets become on a day like this.

Amalawi will inform you soon after hearing from the side of the police.

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