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17 January demonstrations under threat

By Amalawi - Mon Jan 14, 9:27 am

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By our reporter,

Malawi, Lilongwe: A section of the organising committee of the January 17 demonstration for consumer rights, including spokesperson Kingsley Mabalani, have pulled out. Suddenly they have decided to give to give dialogue a chance. But John Kapito the Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director has insisted the demonstrations will go ahead.

The concerned members, who said they are all members of the Network of Patriots (Nepa) whose president is Mabalani, made the announcement during a media conference in Lilongwe.

CAMA's Executive Director John Kapito

CAMA’s Executive Director John Kapito

Mabalani immediately declared that all membesr of Nepa have not received any cash from the Malawi government in exchange of their dialogue plea. However someone online reports indicate that some organising members have had their hand greased with cash in order to stop the demonstrations.
“As members of Nepa, we had interest to support the demonstrations with the total conviction that it is proper and the right of every Malawian to hold such demonstrations. However, we have thought it wise that we have to give dialogue a chance,” said Mabalani during the media conference.

Mabalani, who has been outspoken in advancing the cause of the demonstrations, said the withdrawal involves all 10 Nepa members who were in the main committee of the demonstrations.

“This means that I shall no longer speak on behalf of the committee. This is our conviction and we cannot stop anyone from going ahead with the
demonstrations but we believe that those who are against dialogue have ulterior motives,” he added..

Kapito said as far as Cama was concerned, the only member of the organising committee was Mabalani.
“He did not approach us on his move but he just called me to say that he was getting threats from some people. In fact, we already told him some time back to stop talking on behalf of the organising committee and leave it to regional committees which can now speak on their own,” he said.

Kapito said the organisers are not worried with the development, arguing that Mabalani was just one of the many interested consumers who wanted to participate in the marches.

Cama is championing the January 17 demonstrations against government’s failure to address the current economic challenges

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