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Maliro hopes best for the youth

By Amalawi - Fri Dec 21, 8:15 pm

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By Japheth Thole,

Newly appointed chairperson for the National youth Council Dyson Maliro has said time has come for the youth of Malawi to bear fruits and not being future leaders as it has been.

Maliro who is also speaker of the Youth Parliament of Malawi said this after President Joyce Banda appointed him to chair the board.

“I would like first to thank the president for choosing me to be the chairperson of such a big body. Seriously, I do not take it for granted. I would also at the same like to congratulate all people for welcoming me in the office. On my own, I cannot do anything,” said Maliro.

Asked what he would like to see in the Youth Council, Maliro said he would first like to bring back the donor confidence that has been there but was lost because of other things.

“I understand the board had donors who for a long time have been assisting us in many ways but due to some issues, they walked out of the game so in my coming, I would be very happy seeing them back and help as we are promoting the lives of the youth in the country.” He said.

“I would also like to make sure there is transparency and accountability in the board. When people work under this, a lot can be achieved because these build people together. So it is better that people know what has come in the office, and how the things will be used.”

Maliro also added the youth in Malawi will need to have a youth policy which up to now is still not there.

“In my coming, I, together with all people will make sure we fight for this as this is very important in as far as the youth are concerned. so we will make sure we push the authorities and have this youth policy which will guide us in our activities.” Maliro said

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