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Donate knowledge and not money

By Amalawi - Wed Oct 03, 6:04 am

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It is a known fact that western and indeed eastern aid comes with a price of its own for Malawi and yet our government still insists that we should rely on aid and not trade. All donations to Malawi have pre-conditions which our government and indeed the donor governments refuse to fully disclose.

We have had visionary leaders whose policies were not in-line with western policies and yet the policies were right for Malawi. Their policies brought a wrath of criticism instead of praise.

Our government has reversed and adopted new policies in the name of attracting donor money. This in turn is killing a lot of poor Malawians as they cannot afford to buy food.

As a country we need donors to donate knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge. Donors should send scientists, technicians, engineers and various professionals to assist our schools and colleges. We don’t have money but we can make money if you give us the knowledge.

Donate Knowledge and not money

Donate Knowledge and not money

We have plenty of water and yet we do not have the knowledge to pipe and transfer this to our people and our farms.We have plenty of labour but we lack knowledge. We would like to learn and enhance our knowledge so that we can develop as a country. What we need is knowledge, training and more of training.

We don’t want to be beggars forever so please review your policies on foreign aid. Consider donating knowledge, this will be cheaper and more acceptable with your own tax payers.

Donate knowledge and not money, make us independent and not dependent on you.

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