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What does one make of Kachali

By Analytical Rose - Mon Sep 17, 10:16 am

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I read with disbelief that the vice president of Malawi Mr Khumbo Kachali has instructed people to go to Mponela to snatch beds donated by the local MP and instructed that these beds be taken to Mzimba hospital! This is an act of savagery, impolite and totally inefficient. The fact that the journey was done at midnight is so awful and it beggars belief

Kachali the master of gaffe’s
•Tells all Malawians to get lost in response to travelling questions
•Uses government’s money to build a road from Mzimba to his house
•Snatches beds from one hospital to his favoured hospital

The vice president who is also the minister of health arrogantly told Malawian voters to get lost in response to the fact that they, him and JB, travel too much. His reply was that the presidents was to travel to find money. We thought the presidents job was to sit in her office and make strategies and policies with the support of the cabinet.

Kachali Insults Malawians

Kachali Insults Malawians

The minister of finance travels to find money, they PP are the ones preaching changing routines to save money and they don’t seem to respect this themselves. Not only did he commit this gaffe but he also refuses to apologise for saying so. He does not mind insulting Malawians and their mothers, yet this is a government who claim to put women first.
He is the minister of Health, his prime job is to safeguard people’s lives and yet he gave instructions to go and put patients onto the cold floor in the middle of the night.

If the minister of health behaves like this what chance has the country got? The beds were sourced by Mponela itself via their local MP and not the government. is the honourable minister not ashamed to have done this?

You have left very angry voters in Malawi by telling them to shut up! Unresolved anger always ends in trouble and Malawians are tired of being treated like they don’t matter.

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