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Mr Banda and MCP

By Analytical Rose - Tue Sep 11, 8:40 am

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I read with interest Mr. Banda’s comments on contesting for Leader of MCP. I like MCP, and I respect MCP. I see MCP as the mother party because this is the party that liberated Malawi from colonialism I am ‘Partyless’ if that is the pharse to use and had I the inclination to join a party MCP would be my choice.

A short comment to you Mr. Banda; you say ” I am not afraid of him, I will contest”. Well considering what people have been saying about MCP ‘s JZU over the years I may understand why you say this. But I would like to explain that straight way you disappoint me.It makes me question what your agenda is?

Whether you are afraid or not fraid of JZU, what would interest me would be whether you have something to offer Malawi and that you have chosen MCP as the party, the vehicle to  use for this progress. With you saying this, it makes me think that your gaol is just to defeat Mr. Tembo.

John Tembo MCP leader

John Tembo MCP leader

Well, if that is your goal, you are the sort of politician we don’t want in Malawi. You stand better chance of convincing more followers if you come up with an explanation as to why you think you will be better for MCP/Malawi and that is why you are standing. I mean that, be sincere, set out what to do for Malawi. If you think Politics is an investment, try to change your mind because this country needs better!

Demonstrate to the voter that you have understood MCP, that you have thought it through and you want to take over to share progress with the rest of the nation. Certainly I would be rivetted to listen to that. You may even be surprised when you do that, Mr JZU  may be will support you. That man is full experience and there is a lot he can advise you on if you want to be the new blood in MCP.

You need to show that  it is Malwi you want to serve but if it yourself you want to serve then sure, be afraid of him, why should he give in to you when he is sitting there comfortably! we don’t need that approach in Malawi! it has riuned our country thank you!

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