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Can DPP get into lead in 2014?

By Analytical Rose - Thu Sep 06, 4:55 pm

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DPP in my opinion have the potential to lead Malawi well. Note I say potential. The reason is because this is one party with some solid people who can actually take Malawi to great heights because of their experience. So what has to happen to convince more Malawians that they, DPP, are capable?

1. Go to convention
2.Elect a presidential candidate via the convention
3.Correct all wrongs of the past and these are
*Big headedness
*Dictatorial tendencies
* Appoint people into jobs because they qualify only
*Learn that no man is an Island and so keep in good terms with all countries
* Get more transparent, and explain how funds are being used
* Review the constitution to make sure The president has not got total power
*No nepotism, no misuse of office. have strong punishments for this
*Demonstrate that they understand Malawians are descent people deserving of their attention and care

Malawi main Political parties

Malawi main Political parties

Mutharika lost all this but that does not mean the party lost all this. However as a party you need to be very clear to the Malawians that you understand where your leader went wrong and having seen the consequences you will never let that happen again. People still want DPP but you have to make a great effort to win people including some who have left , back to vote for you and when you are in government you let your policies do the talking and develop Malawi well beyond a doubt. Do not relax because of the large meetings although I must admit they are a comfort because if people did not come to your meetings that would be a very bad sign indeed.

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