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Political campaining in malawi

By Analytical Rose - Mon Aug 20, 3:12 pm

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I read with dismay things that have been exchanged between DPP and PP people in aid of the by elections coming to the north, Mzimba district! This prompted me to drop us a line just to make us think a little.

Before we go too far let us remind ourselves what political campaining is. It is a series of meetings whereby particular parties make an attempt to notify voters about what they would do if they were voted into government to lead the country. That is all what campaining is about. So it follows that we should expect to get to know the parties better, we should have a chance to question policies, we as voters should have a chance to vote in those people that are likely to do what woud be of benefit for us as a people.

Political Campaign

Political Campaign in Malawi

Campaining is not about running each other down, campaining does not mean you dig up all the dirt and start trushing each other like fools in public! I humbly request those in charge of campaining in all parties to train their members;voters need to hear why it would be good to have you in government thats all. The canidates or meberes used abusive language and thne comentators on Nyasa times posted more abusive posts onthe subject1 why bwhave like fools ?Have you not heard of emotional imtelligence? you need to leave emotins away when you are discussing such important issues!

The exchange I read about made me creange. I dont care if an MP wants to use Ambi or shubabab as was the case if this is how they want to care for their looks as long as if and when that MP is in Parliament they deliver such that we as a country;are eating daily, we have houses to live in and jobs to earn a living! no Malawian is being tretaed unfairly just because they come from threcentral region or what not!

we become a laughing stock with this very poor standard of campaining one is witnessing. May those people who do these things, may be you dont know don’t know but all you say is on the internet for all to see! that is the whole world is saying tonanin dzidomba dza ku Malawi! be ashmed of yourselves and look at what you are painting Malawi to be. Above all campain on the issues! If Peter Mutharika is really Homosexual that is his business but I find it hard to see a man who is a widow to suddenly be labelled homosexual. One of the writers complained that they have not seen him with a female companion in public! holly shrad!, akati ayambe kunyenga munena kuti opanda makhalidwe! Inde simunamuone ndi mkazi panseu chifukwa ndi widow alibe nkazi pakali pano, mkazi wake anmwalila!that does not make him homosexual! look in africw e we have apresident who is homosexual but his country is one of the most successful in Africa!

Please put all this effort into debating how to best get Malawi moving forward, how can we reorganise some of the things in malawi to make sure that we improve our country. If the campaining continues in the tone it is doing now we then should not blame the developing world for calling us the third world! we deserveIt! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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