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The Malawi Presidency and Developing Malawi

By Analytical Rose - Mon Aug 13, 8:35 am

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On the surface it is very easy to sympathise with anybody who feels angry with DPP for the past performance as a party. Yes when it comes to political scores the party gets labelled with the effect of the result so all the mistakes of the last DPP performamcne gets splattered all over DPP. My assessment is that most of the problems DPP had were because they had a leader who so believed in himself and forgot to listen to people.It then followed that asitute politicians from the oppositon, and here I am referring to the widest sense of opposition, started throwing more and more rope to the late president with which he managed to kill his political career effectively.

Developing Malawi

Developing Malawi

I have no doubt in my mind that Bingu could see the pathway to success for Malawi. I have also got no doubt that he got so involved that he did not stop to analyse what he personally was doing in his role as leader of the country.

We need to become free of the west in terms of borrowing, and most Malawians agree that this was one of his goals. However the brutal way he decided to accomplish this was incorrect because when you borrow money in day to day life , you thank the people very much when returning it after you have regained monetary independence just in case you may need to come to them again.That is basic principle he forgot and then another process seemed to occur and that is the oppositon in its broadest sense saw this weakness and used the same to alienate him from the masses; by this I mean by annoying/threatening/confusing the president they rendered him this angry incomprehinsible leader to him people so you hear the tip of the iceberg with phrases like”chickens””business Malawians know nothing”. This is the behaviour of someone who is constantly being irritated! unfortunately the effect is very detrimental and that is why his opponets did it! He had stopped listening to the right people so his opponents knew he would fall for it!the end result was there for everybody to see.

The rest of the party can share a smaller amount of blame, i.e. at this juncture, they should have come close to the man and say ” we know you think you know best, we know you dont like this, but you are going to have to listen because this is causing damage to everything” The question is why did this not happen, or if it did happen why was it so feebly done that the likes of Joyce Banda, Phoya and Kunkuyu just danced around, not being effective?

I think this takes us to the core of the problem. THERE IS TOO MUCH POWER INVESTED IN THE PRSIDENT IN CONSTITUTION. I think this endless, limitless power to the president is so dangerous, we need to see now and debate it and change it now. The president is a sample from the population, they are just as fallible, so when they go biserk while they hold so much power in their hands, the country is at their mercy!is this what we want as a nation? The oppositon who only have the position as their target can easly manipulate this position to their benefit! but of course no advantage for Malawi really! Outsiders who want to keep Malawi where it is have a field day supporting weaklings to take over power so that under the camouflage of success( which the west is very good at supporting lame ducks because it suits them, they dont want the competition)

So my take is. When we crticise parties we need to get to understand a little bit of the back ground. DPP has alot of able people and indeed people who genuinelyintended to help developing the country. These are people who had travelled. These are people who had lived in other democracies and indeed they were itching to help get their country to similar levels.Unfortunately Bingus weakness have over shadowed these people, and my plea is lets give them a chance to contribute towards our country’s development.Yes DPP made errors but while most of them were due to a big headed leader who lost the plot in the end, I would like us as a country to appreciated that our constituiton is the enemy no.1, it has alot of areas that need to change and one of those ares is for our president to not have compleete powers becaus this is dangerous for the country when something has changed within the leadership.

Malawi has people who can move the country forward but lets put into place real policies to enable this to happen.

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