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Malawi – Lilongwe goes crazy with DPP’s Muntharika

By Amalawi - Sun Jul 22, 9:53 pm

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By Simon Mponela

MALAWI, LILONGWE: The DPP – Democratic Progressive Party held a rally on Sunday the 22 July in Lilongwe to thank the people of the central region for their continued support and help during the mourning period of la late Bingu wa Muntharika. Peter Muntharika drew a multitude of people at Mgona in Lilongwe, Mgona was flooded with DPP supporters all wearing blue.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika once again made it clear that the DPP convention will be held sometime soon and that a presidential candidate will be elected democratically. As Mutharika addressed the multitudes, they cheered him on and chanted songs.

“This is an open race and candidates are welcome, I am a true democrat and I will act and behave as one, if I am elected a DPP presidential candidate I will ensure we get back into government, however if another candidate is elected at the convention I will give him or her my full support” Said Peter Muntharika.

The rally once again proved that the road to 2014 will not be easy for the all political parties in Malawi.

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